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Tap Forms iPhone App, Your Life Organized!

Post Subject: This Review is for Tap Forms a new iPhone database app.

It’s available at the App Store in a Full version for $8.99 or a Lite version FREE!


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Tap Forms Database
Organize your life with the most powerful iPhone™ database app yet. Use Tap Forms to securely keep track of your movies, books, recipes, inventory and more.

Your Life. Organized!


Tap Forms is the Cadillac of database apps.  Its compelling interface and user flexibility makes it perfect for storing any kind of information, whether ultra sensitive or non sensitive.  Users can use the included stock forms or create their own custom ones.

  • GPS location with integrated map view
  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Dates
  • Time
  • Date & Time
  • Contacts
  • Check marks
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Audio voice memos
  • Website addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Ratings
  • File Attachments
  • Keep track of your favorites
  • Use the built-in FTP and WebDAV servers to exchange data with your Mac or PC
  • Exchange files with Tap Forms right from your desktop's browser
  • Fast integrated search engine
  • Strong AES-256 bit encryption
  • Protect your data with iPhone-like passcode lock feature
  • Additional protection provided with lock-out mechanism to prevent repetitive unsuccessful passcode attempts. Locks access to Tap Forms for up to 2 hours.
  • Ready Made Forms:

    • Passport information
    • Security alarm codes
    • Vehicle registration information
    • Daily journal
    • Drivers license
    • Credit card numbers
    • Loyalty card information
    • Bank accounts
    • Memberships
    • Software serial numbers
    • Online accounts access
    • Home insurance
    • Vehicle insurance
    • Government health number
    • Frequent flyer numbers
    • Log book
    • School homework tracker
    • Investment account numbers
    • Garage door passcode
    • Important dates
    • Audio dictation
    • Locker combination
    • Calling cards
    • And more…






















    The Full version of TapForms is available for $8.99 in the App Store



    Be sure to look at the bottom of the iTunes page for Tap Forms Lite iPhone database app.

    It’s also available at the App Store! The Lite version is FREE!

    Tap Forms Database Website Link

    Testimonials & Reviews

    • Twitter: @h8rnet: iPhone databases: Tap Forms is bettter than Bento in every conceivable way. Wish I didn’t drop the $5 on bento just to prove that to myself.
    • iPhone App Examiner: Keeping personal information personal while secure and available
    • AppVee.com: Tap Forms Database is an amazing application for the iPhone & iPod Touch that allows you to keep track of any type of data you deal with on a regular basis.
    • Crazy Mike”s Apps: Wholly database, Tap Forms is powerful
    • Touch My Apps: What I found was a versatile database program. It is a God-send for those, like me, who have a difficult time keep track of life and all the tiny bits of information that comes along with it. This one App takes the place of the multitude of scrap paper I have all over the place.
    • AppStoreApps.com: The best part about this application is that it’s totally customizable. If you want a “form” with just audio notes, you can do this. . if you want one with just websites or just bank accounts/credit cards, you can do this as well.

    The app’s premise is a simple one.  In the words of the ClickSpace Technologies developers, “Your Life.  Organized.”  Regardless of a user’s intent, Tap Forms Database is the ultimate organizational tool.  It takes care of all recorded data, eliminating the need for additional programs.

    All sensitive information stored in Tap Forms Database is completely secure.  The app has a strong, government approved AES-256 bit encryption, a pass code PIN and an optional auto lock/lockout function.

    Tap Forms Database is also used for more everyday things such as, tracking inventory, listing movies or keeping recipes handy.  This is what developers mean when they say that Tap Forms Database is versatile and perfect for any type of data storage.

    Additional features, such as the recordable GPS positioning, website accessing from within the app, email, importing and exporting, provide a total flexibility to the Tap Forms Database.  Users can also record and attach audio files and even search and transfer Word and Excel files or PDF’s.

    The Tap Forms Database is not only flexible and versatile; it is also rich in features:

    * 25 stock forms
    * Users can easily create custom forms
    * 16 different data fields
    * Integrated map view in location field; search for any location in the world
    * Direct website accessing using a powerful search engine built into the app
    * In app emailing of files
    * Tell a Friend feature via email or Facebook
    * Ultra secure encryption, PIN and optional auto lock/lockout function
    * Take photos and post them to your Facebook account
    * Adjust fonts
    * Record and attach audio files
    * Search and upload/download Word and Excel files or PDF’s
    * Import and export to a computer via FTP or built-in WebDAV server

    Features Include:

    • Comes with over 25 forms ready to fill out!
    • Create new forms or easily customize any of the built-in forms
    • Store 16 different types of information: