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Never Forget Your Hotel Room # With My Room iPhone App


How many times have you been staying at a hotel and you’ve forgotten your room number?

With My Room, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your room number again.

This app will allow you to easily store your number on one of four specially designed custom doors.

My Room will also keep track of all the rooms you’ve previously stayed in allowing you to look back at your history.

And for those of you who are staying at a hotel with a group of people, such as trade show or a soccer tournament, you can easily add the room numbers of your friends so that you can keep track of everyone in your party.

Special Features:

  • Store your room number with just a few clicks.
  • Keep a running history of all the rooms you’ve stayed in.
  • Keep track of which rooms your friends are staying in.
  • Choose between four specially designed custom doors.
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iPhone Version 4 in April With OLED, Video-Calling?

This is hot stuff, so it needs to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism, but the Korea Times is reporting–with extreme confidence–that the fourth gen iPhone will be on sale in April, with a pile of new features.


Of course we know Apple’s been working on the next-gen iPhone for ages due to natural product development cycles, and clues in the form of iPhone v4 browser identity codes have even turned up in some Web site logs. But apart from lots of speculation, we’ve heard nothing concrete–as we’d actually expect from Apple’s rigid security practices.

And now here’s the Korea Times mentioning apparent talks between Apple and local cell-phone provider and exclusive Apple vendor, KT. “Still there are some 3G iPhone stocks. But KT and Apple have reached a broad consensus to introduce the advance models as early as possible” are the words attributed to an anonymous KT executive.

That’s possibly believable, even if talking about this stuff is likely to be breaching many an Apple NDA. And yet it tells us nothing about the new phone itself. But hang on: The same exec also told the newspaper that there’ll be OLED screens, live video chat powers (implying a long-awaited front Webcam), and maybe even a removable battery. There was also talk about dual core processors, better graphics chips for higher resolutions, and better still imagery from the rear-facing cam. And it’s all due April at the earliest–as a test launch to select users, and to the public in June.

And though some of this is highly plausible, and even agrees with some rumors about OLED we’ve heard before, and recent mention of Apple buying millions of 5-megapixel cameras and Philips LED flash for better iPhone imagery, it all sounds too good to be true.

According to a AppleInsider report, “Apple has ordered significant amount of LED camera flash components for the year 2010 that could help the next-generation iPhone 4G to produce better image and video recording in low-light situations.

Philips LEXEON LED flash technology may already have secured the orders for the expected LED camera flash components for the iPhone 4G, the report says.

This report is also inline with the earlier reports where OmniVision secured the orders from Apple to supply 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors for the next Gen iPhone 4G.

As an iPhone owner, you would know how frustrating it is to take photos in the dim-light with your iPhone.

Having competitors like Motorola DROID, HD2 and Nexus One from Google, featuring a high Res camera with LED flash in the upcoming iPhone 4G is what situation requires from Apple if they want to see their baby’s growth in future.

The next generation iPhone is expected to be unveiled at the annual WWDC 2010 conference featuring iPhone OS 4.0.

Some of this is bound to be in the next iPhone–but all of it? That goes against Apple’s careful incremental update strategy for the device so far. And though moving the iPhone forward to an April launch from its more normal late-Spring cycle would certainly help Apple steal some of the thunder from the Nexus One and other upcoming Android phones, isn’t it a bit close to the purported launch date of the iSlate?

Confused ? Skeptical ? But admit it – this is very intriguing.