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iPhone makes Phone Numbers “Clickable”

The iPhone is an “Internet Communicator.”
An Innovation Most People Probably Missed
 It’s a click, only betterThere are quite probably a number of people who use the Internet and have no idea what a URL is. Everyone who uses the Internet uses URLs every day. URL is an acronym (as we all know, acronyms are the fuel that runs the engine of technology). URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a fancy name for a unique pointer to something. Of course, we had URLs for decades before the Internet, but they were known by a far less technological name which didn’t even form an acronym: the phone number.
Ever since the Internet came to be used in everyday business, phone numbers have wanted to become URLs. First, many began to drop the dashes, seperating prefixes and area codes with dots to make the numbers look more advanced. In other words, to make them look more like domain names.

The only problem was that computers and phones were different devices. Computers had no use for phone numbers, since they were capable of using real URLs and e-mail addresses to communicate. Phones had no use for URLs or e-mail addresses, because they had the old reliable tried-and-true phone number.

In the recent Apple Keynote address, a massive tectonic shift in communications technology took place, and it happened without much attention being brought to it at all. The Apple iPhone highlights and makes phone numbers clickable, just like URLs.

Now it seems like a simple, even unremarkable feature of a device that at first seems far more concerned with music playlists, Johnny Depp and aerial views of the Colosseum in Rome. But as we’ve often seen, the most remarkable technologies and innovations are often overlooked, literally, when first introduced.

Clicking on a phone number just like an e-mail address is a feature which almost requires a timpani roll. Oh sure, other mobile phones may or may not have had this feature before, but until Steve Jobs clicked on a phone number in an e-mail and the sound of a phone ringing was heard in the Moscone Auditorium, the real ramifications of the phone number as URL were scarcely understood beyond speculation.

What is the ultimate difference between e-mail and voice mail? What’s the difference between text messaging and e-mail? What’s the difference between e-mail and a blog? Phone numbers as URLs don’t just blur the differences between these various communications technologies, they remove the differences. At some point in the future, by leveraging this lack of difference, it may be possible to truly unify communications so that there is no longer any such thing as a “phone number” or “e-mail address.” There may be a point where people communicate with each other via one “URL” which adapts based on the type of message: voice or text.

Then again, with the iPhone there’s very little difference between computers and phones now, so it stands to reason the distinction between communications technologies would begin to diminish. The iPhone was introduced as a “Internet Communicator.”

Internet Communicator indeed.

How to Replace a Broken iPhone Screen & Other Parts

Many iPhone owners love that their phones have a clear and durable glass screen, but also worry about how to handle it if they somehow break the glass. Like many things in life, it’s best to focus on preventing the problem so that it never happens. Avoid placing your phone in situations where it may be hit or impacted. Never drop it, or get a case that protects the edges of the phone and adds some shock absorption for accidental falls. Its surprising how often things get bumped in your pocket. Sitting on your phone is never a good idea. Perhaps the easiest way to shatter the screen is to put it in a bag with bulky objects that repeatedly hit the screen. You can buy a protecter for the screen, but it will not do much to stop direct impact damage.
Once your screen is broken, it’s not a repair that most people can do themselves. It’s best to send it into Apple and expect to pay a large repair charge. There may also be shops in your town who can do the repair for less. Before letting them do it, try to get them to prove that they have done acceptable repairs on phones with similar damage in the past – you don’t want to be there first practice phone with a shattered screen! It can be terribly sad to break the screen in your phone. Just remember that it’s only an object and that it can happen to anyone. Just try to make sure that you only break one iPhone screen in your lifetime!


iphone Parts List for replacement glass, LCD display or other broken pieces that you want to replace.


iPhone 3G Touch Panel replacement video:


 Note: To replace the glass there is a special tool you will need, (you should buy this if you are replacing the glass). It only costs $2.99

Free iPhone, Free iPhone Games, Free Programs&Svc’s

IP Fun Org1

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165 Free iPhone Games If you come to this site on your iPhone or iPod Touch it should look like this:
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If you visit this site on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will see a custom version, designed for the small touchscreen.
Contact us if you find a broken link or you want to submit a new iPhone game.
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IP Fun Org

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Newest & Different iPhone Products



Posted on: 11-3-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

We know iPhone OS 3.0’s capacity of making use of accessory-specific applications and Sirius XM Radio took advantage of it, by introducing XM Dock. It provides an XM sattelite radio tuner using touchscreen control. According to Engadget news, iPhone owners can now purchase the device for 120$.

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters Portable Speakers


Posted on: 10-29-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

A high quality speaker system sound especially designed for iPhone generation. As the name of manufacturer says, this product is a real outfit in the industry. A compact yet powerful sound system fitted to enjoy your favourite music and video without any mobile phone interferences.

iPhone car mount and FM transmitter

Posted on: 9-30-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

Car mounts come handy when you want to use your iPhone as a GPS or media player in your car but that’s about all we can say about them.

Except this Flexpod that combines all functions you can think for a car mount all in one: 360% rotating dock, charger and FM transmitter.

Mophie iPhone external battery

Posted on: 9-5-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

If you work alot or travel alot you’ll definetly feel the need for more operating time for your iPhone than the standard battery can provide. That’s where alot of iPhone accessories come to help, some in the form of solar chargers, some in the form of external batteries and many other ways that can provide your phone with the power it needs…

iPhone TomTom Car Kit


Posted on: 6-8-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

TomTom just announced at WWDC that they will release a turn-by-turn GPS app for the iPhone and an optional IPhone car kit. This car kit can charge the phone.

iPhone V3 picture? Not really!

iPhone&appsDisplayPosted on: 6-7-2009

As expected, a day before WWDC rumors about the new, third generation iPhone, got into a frenzy. The official iPhone rumor of the day and probably the one to cause most waves is the leaked photo of the iPhone v3 (or iPhone Video, as some already called it, in hope there will be a front facing camera).

Case with macro lens for the iPhone

Posted on: 5-20-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories
This is not just a cool looking iPhone case it has also built in macro lens for crisp and clear close up photography using your iPhone.

iPhone OS 3.0

PoiPhone3-0 SWsted on: 3-17-2009

LIVE coverage!
As we announced :On 3-17-2009at 10:00 AM Pacific time Apple is hosting an event presenting the press with the latest build of the iPhone OS, the 3.0 version. See the live blog after the break.

Metallic iPhone case


Posted on: 3-12-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

This has to be the coolest looking slim fit case for the iPhone 3G. Donno how practical it is but it shure looks great. As you all know slim fit cases are one of the best choices if you want to protect your iPhone without adding bulkiness, especially if you use to carry it in your pocket.