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Get one of these 50 New FREE iPhone Wallpapers

Got an iPhone but no new wallpapers to put on it? Fret not, because here are a few taken from all over the net! This roundup features some of the trendiest wallpapers to make your iPhone background slick and snazzy.



You will ooh and ahh as you go through these outstanding wallpapers.

A lot of people like to look for new wallpapers to put on their devices every few months, whether it be a Mac, iPad or iPhone. There are far too many wallpaper sites on the Internet to keep up with all the time, but there are a few good artists and photographers who have some very well-done content and interesting new ways to show off your device’s screen.



You could look for hours trying to find different types of wallpapers that suit you since there are so many options, so I’m going to help you out.



Instead of having to look for all those great backgrounds, I’ve provided a link to a list featuring 50 of the best photos, photoshop pieces and anything else that will look beautiful on your iPhone’s Retina display.


Click the link below to check them all out!


CLICK HERE to Visit Appstorm Website:




Ringtones & Wallpapers Tips and Tricks

Tip: Since iPhone is a fully functional iPod, with full tracks of music. Don’t download Ringtones for $2.99 a pop, when you get a full song for a third of that price? Ditto for Wallpapers, and themes!






Sounds and the Ring/Silent Switch

Switch between ring and silent mode: 

Flip the Ring/Silent switch on the side of iPhone.

When set to silent, iPhone doesn’t play any ring, alert, or effects sounds. It does, however, play alarms set using Clock.

NOTE: In some regions, the sound effects for Camera and Voice Memos are played even if the Ring/Silent switch is set to silent.

Set whether iPhone vibrates when you get a call: 

Choose Sounds. To set whether iPhone vibrates in silent mode, turn Vibrate under Silent Silent mode icon on or off. To set whether iPhone vibrates in ring mode, turn Vibrate under Ring Bell icon on or off.

Adjust the ringer and alerts volume: 

Choose Sounds and drag the slider. Or, if no song or video is playing and you aren’t on a call, use the volume buttons on the side of iPhone.

Set the ringtone: 

Choose Sounds > Ringtone.

Set alert and effects sounds: 

Choose Sounds and turn items on or off under Ring Bell icon. When the Ring/Silent switch is set to ring, iPhone plays sounds for alerts and effects that are turned on.

You can set iPhone to play a sound whenever you:

  • Get a call
  • Get a text message
  • Get a voicemail message
  • Get an email message
  • Send an email message
  • Have an appointment that you’ve set up to alert you
  • Lock iPhone
  • Type using the keyboard

Top Ringtones for your Mobile!