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Best Camera iPhone App Review & Demo Videos


Best Camera allows you to creatively edit and share your iPhone images more simply than ever before. Developed by renowned photographer, Chase Jarvis, Best Camera provides a unique set of effects that can be applied at the touch of a button. Stack those effects. Mix them. Remix them. Virtually infinite creative possibility with your photos.

Best Camera_Txt

And what good is taking a picture if it is not easily shared? Best Camera allows you to share directly via Twitter, Facebook, email, and thebestcamera.com, a new online community that allows you to contribute to a living, breathing gallery of iPhone photography from around the globe. This is the only iPhone app on the market developed by a world-class photographer AND the only app that allows you to shoot, edit, and share your pictures easily through many channels.

Best Camera_1A

With Best Camera you can get astonishing results with the tap of your finger on a single filter, OR stack multiple filters to create unique and more advanced effects for your pictures. You can even share that “recipe” with your friends. While other photo apps can be clumsy in styling your images like the pros, this app makes it simple and easy. Change your image to black and white, saturate your colors, create a cinematic look, brighten, darken, or apply a frame to your picture on the fly. There are 14 filters from which to choose. Four “signature” filters can be identified by the flags – they offer the slickest one-touch option for a filter. Further to the right on the dock, you’ll find an assortment of 10 additional filters that can act as one-touch filters, or are great “tools” to correct images that were poorly captured originally.

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Through the course of developing this application, world renowned photographer Chase Jarvis put dozens of iphone photo apps to the test and none of them succeeding in effectively capturing and sharing images. And why use 2 or 3 applications to take and share pictures when you can do it in one? With the touch of one button, Best Camera shares any of your photos with the services that helps you stay in touch with your friends: Facebook, Twitter, email, or www.thebestcamera.com. By simply checking or unchecking a box, you can decide where you want share image and with whom. It is that easy.

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Here’s your chance to view the live feed of images from thousands of other people using Best Camera app from around the world – direct to your phone. Draw inspiration from them, rate them with a thumbs up, and join this erupting worldwide community right from within this app. But don’t forget, this community isn’t just about watching, it’s about participating. With the click of a button when you “save and share” your images in the app you too can participate in this living, breathing gallery of photos from around the world. You can see the images pouring into the photostream and click on any image to see who shot the photo and what filters they used to create their “look”.

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