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Check out “Battle of Puppets” iPhone App, now only $.99

The Battle of Puppets Team has been working hard to include all the features that players have requested, and they were dedicated to making Battle of Puppets a more fun and beautiful game for everyone!

Small Wonders’ has definately created a fun and captivating app for iPhone!

An all new tutorial system was implemented just one week after launch, and this update comes only weeks after the addition of AI improvements, achievement integration, and new leaderboards!

They want everyone to enjoy Battle of Puppets, and particularly given all the new features they’ve added since its launch, they would love to inspire many new puppeteers and that’s why Battle of Puppets is now available for $.99.

Look for the iTunes download button below and get this fun app today!

Version 1.2.2 has incredible unlockeable content

Madame Butterfly

Small Wonders has just added more unlockable content to their fascinatingly odd and original, linear strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Adding to the recently included OpenFeint leaderboard and achievement integration, AI improvements and harder difficulty levels, Small Wonders has been working to include all of the most requested features to Battle of Puppets.

Please tell us your opinion about this new update. What would you like to have on future updates?

The Puppets conquer the world!

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The puppets are traveling around the world and they have sent us some pictures. They have conquered the five continents! ¿Do you know where are they? Guess the five cities and send us a message to help us to find them!


Los puppets están viajando por todo el mundo y nos han enviado algunas fotos. ¡Ya han conquistado los cinco continentes! ¿Adivinas en qué ciudad se encuentra cada ejército? ¡Pues escríbenos un mensaje y ayúdanos a encontrarlos!

Battle of puppets is now only $.99

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The Resources

How do I get Resources?

You have to ways of obtaining resources:
1. You get resources constantly based on how many checkpoints you’ve conquered. Basically, the more you have the merrier.
2. When destroying enemy troops you also get a percentage of the troop’s value, but be careful, your enemy also receive resources for ownership.

Why are the Resources necessary?

The resources are necessary to buy troops, to create and upgrade constructions and to repair them.

The Popularity

How do I get Popularity?

The Popularity points increases at a constant rate (e.g. every 2 seconds) but the value it increases depends on how much theater you’ve conquered.

It is meassured based on your most advanced troop and shown in the minimap.

– It will increase at a faster rate if your troop is far away from your castle –> every 2 seconds you get 100 popularity points
– It will increase at a lower rate depending on how close you are to your own base. –> every 2 seconds you get 10 popularity points

Why is the Popularity necessary?

The Popularity determines your progress through the game.
It is necessary to achieve certain popularity to upgrade your constructions, so earning popularity as fast as you can is top priority in order to rapidly upgrade them to get more powerful units getting and edge over your enemy It also helps you achieve a better score.

Game Modes

How many game modes exist on the game?

There are 3 game modes: Battleground, Survive and Fast Survive.

How does Battleground mode works?

In battleground mode you’ll have to destroy the enemy castle by using all the assets you have at your hand.

How does Survive mode works?

In survive you’ll have to resists all enemy waves before the time expires. If your puppets achieve the end of the theatre they will exit for a well deserved rest. You’ll receive resources for that.

How does Fast Battleground?

Here you’ll have to destroy the enemy castle just as in normal battleground, but you’ll have to do it in a very short time.

What are the differences between difficulty levels?

Basically the difference is the affectivity of your troops compared to the enemy troops.

– Easy is meant for people that are not usual to games and just want to enjoy a beautiful game experience.
– Medium is meant for people with some degree of experience in games and wants more challenge.
– Hard is for experienced users that want to get the most out of BOP.

The Map

Does every army start from the same city?

No, each army has it’s own city to start, that is depending on the weather conditions of the city.

The weather?

The weather affects your troops, its speed and attack attributes change depending on the weather. Your army starts where the weather is most suitable to you and it changes along with the progress. There is a main root to achieve Broadway in which the weather is more suitable to you, but there are professions placed off route, where you can risk the safety of a proper weather to obtain them.

The Professions?

The professions are placed in order of importance, so the basic ones are in you way to Broadway, and the others are further away depending on the power of the profession.

The position of every profession varies with each army.

The finals?

There are 3 ways of playing the map: Quick game, Expert player and Perfectionist.

Expert player: You get a Bronze cup. You have to finish the game.
Quick Game: You get a Silver cup. You have to finish the game without leaving your main route and without losing.
Perfectionist: You get a Gold cup. After finishing all 22 locations.

Battle of Puppets: Wallpapers for free

Posted on : 30-12-2009 | By : Master of Puppets | In : Downloads

Here you are the wallpapers of Battle of Puppets! What do you think? Now you can download them and carry the Puppets on your iPhone!


Ya están aquí los wallpapers de Battle of Puppets. ¿Qué te parecen? Ahora ya puedes descargártelos y llevar a los Puppets en tu iPhone.

Normandy was just the beginning

Join the puppets’ army

It’s a family affair

Cro-Mag Rally iPhone App ON SALE: $1.99


Cro-Mag Rally is an interesting Mario Kart kind of arcade kart game set in prehistoric times (think The Flintstones). Much more arcade fun than racing action, it provides some entertainment though it seems like it’s just not all tied together. While the core game play is there, it lacks any of the usual play modes, high scores, or goal systems. There’s no circuit/grand prix methods or even high score records.

Cro-Mag does include 11 different vehicles and 9 different tracks to play. In addition to the standard race mode there is a gather mode where you try to gather arrowheads. Both are fun and well done. It seems as though the gather mode needs some sort of high score record. And the race mode needs some circuit mode to allow you to progress through the different tracks toward a goal. All of the races are very easy to win and just one off. The real key is hitting the speed-ups consistently to win. The races all include various power-ups as is expected in kart type games.

The controls are good, the usual tilt the device to steer. In addition you use on screen controls to forward / reverse, braking, and activating the power ups.





Currently Cro-Mag Rally is the best deal of all of the racing games in the App Store. It provided some solid arcade fun for the price of $1.99. Though the most I could justify, lacking some of the expected play modes, would be a little more than that. What I really hope is that Cro-Mag expands this offering to add more play modes and methods of competition and maybe even online play. That would make this a truly great game.

Price: $2.99 ON SALE: $1.99


Billy Frontier iPhone App ON SALE: $0.99


Billy Frontier is set of 3D mini-games set as a space cowboy action game. This game consists of 4 different mini-games all featuring Billy Frontier, the hero of our story.

Mini-game 1: Shootout — in this mini-game you are wandering the streets and shooting at the bad guys while collecting coins and extra ammo. You have to get to the end before your shield runs out (from getting shot at). This mini-game holds the most promise of the four. But it just gets maddening at times due to the control system.

You point at the screen where you want to shoot — tap to shoot — drag on the screen to aim your sight. At times you have a very small target area to hit for the imprecise control system used. Some work needs to be done to fix up the controls. I might suggest a 2 finger shooting system — one finger held to the screen to control the placement of the sight and a second to trigger a shot. I don’t know if that’s the answer, but better controls or larger targets are needed.

Mini-game 2: Stampede — this mini-game is pretty simple — guide the ever running Billy left and right by tilting the phone. Avoid the kanga-cows and collect coins for extra points. There are also chiles throughout the course that you can run over to give you extra speed. To complete this level you need to finish first. A fun little game but each level is perhaps a little too long.

Mini-game 3: Target Practice — in this mini game, various objects are thrown up in the air, and you shoot them. Simple? Yeah, but fun. You shoot ammo boxes to stock up on bullets. The level ends when you run out of ammo, time, or your shield goes to zero. Shoot TNT barrels and your shield goes down. Shoot a skull and you die. To complete the level you need to live until the timer runs out. Fun, good graphics and sound.

Mini-game 4: Dueling — this is the one mini-game that doesn’t really fit in with the others. When you start this game there is a mini movie going on the screen that you just can’t seem to stop. You are shown a series of shapes at the bottom and you must hit the corresponding shapes on the sides of the screen in the same order, quickly. Very quickly. I’ve only managed to get past one of these levels before the inevitable happens, Billy gets it. This mini-game is too difficult, I think, and not an arcade game like the others. It’s more of a Dance Dance Revolution pattern game. Again the control system is a little rough — taps sometimes are not registered — which leads to a missed pattern and lost time.









Here’s a YouTube video that gives you an overview of the game.

While the game is not without it’s control difficulties, it is a good, diverse game that is well rendered in 3D. Having the 4 mini-games provides good value for the price. When this game was initially released it was priced at 50% off for a couple days. At that price this game is a steal! Here’s hoping that the minor control difficulties can be worked out to make this a truly great game.

Price: $3.99 ON SALE: $0.99



Nanosaur 2 iPhone game app on Sale $0.99


Nanosaur 2 is a well developed flying/shooting arcade game

Imagine this, if you will. It’s way in the future and dinosaurs once again rule the world, but, they are more technologically advanced than we are. Your race travelled back in time to grab eggs of your ancestors to help re-populate your future race? Wow, huh? Anyway, very odd story (obviously drug induced), but it turns out to be a fairly interesting gather and shoot game.

You are a flying dinosaur, pterodactyl I would assume, flying around this futuristic / pre-historic world gathering eggs and destroying other dinosaurs and various planet defenses. The flying controls are pretty good — but the game itself can be rather difficult. Some tight squeezes that you have to fly through. The on-screen controls are overly complex and confusing — you can see from the screenshots below that it is riddled with different controls.

Your goal is to collect unhatched dinosaur eggs and deliver them to worm holes while avoiding or destroying planet defenses and other dinosaurs. Shooting is fairly good and auto-targets. It can be difficult at times to get that last egg and move on to the next level.







Nanosaur 2 is a pretty good and interesting arcade game and for $1.99 it’s a pretty good value. The graphics are great for an iPhone game. I just wish the game had a little more variety and a sane story.

Normal Price: $3.99 ON SALE: $0.99