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Quirky announces Beamer iPhone case with built-in light

Q4 2009 Quirky added this product to its line of iPhone 3G and 3GS accessories, the Beamer. The case features a hard plastic outer shell, and a two-piece design, requiring owners to remove the base before inserting an iPhone. Giving the case its name is an LED light, which can be used either as camera flash or a standalone light. A button triggers three different functions: 10-second lighting, constant light, or simply shutting off.

The light is powered by its own coin battery, which can provide up to 10 hours of illumination before needing replacement. Controls are buried within a groove, preventing accidental power drain when the case is kept in a pocket or bag. The Beamer is available in a variety of different colors, and can currently be pre-ordered from Quirky for $32.

Newest & Different iPhone Products



Posted on: 11-3-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

We know iPhone OS 3.0’s capacity of making use of accessory-specific applications and Sirius XM Radio took advantage of it, by introducing XM Dock. It provides an XM sattelite radio tuner using touchscreen control. According to Engadget news, iPhone owners can now purchase the device for 120$.

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters Portable Speakers


Posted on: 10-29-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

A high quality speaker system sound especially designed for iPhone generation. As the name of manufacturer says, this product is a real outfit in the industry. A compact yet powerful sound system fitted to enjoy your favourite music and video without any mobile phone interferences.

iPhone car mount and FM transmitter

Posted on: 9-30-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

Car mounts come handy when you want to use your iPhone as a GPS or media player in your car but that’s about all we can say about them.

Except this Flexpod that combines all functions you can think for a car mount all in one: 360% rotating dock, charger and FM transmitter.

Mophie iPhone external battery

Posted on: 9-5-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

If you work alot or travel alot you’ll definetly feel the need for more operating time for your iPhone than the standard battery can provide. That’s where alot of iPhone accessories come to help, some in the form of solar chargers, some in the form of external batteries and many other ways that can provide your phone with the power it needs…

iPhone TomTom Car Kit


Posted on: 6-8-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

TomTom just announced at WWDC that they will release a turn-by-turn GPS app for the iPhone and an optional IPhone car kit. This car kit can charge the phone.

iPhone V3 picture? Not really!

iPhone&appsDisplayPosted on: 6-7-2009

As expected, a day before WWDC rumors about the new, third generation iPhone, got into a frenzy. The official iPhone rumor of the day and probably the one to cause most waves is the leaked photo of the iPhone v3 (or iPhone Video, as some already called it, in hope there will be a front facing camera).

Case with macro lens for the iPhone

Posted on: 5-20-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories
This is not just a cool looking iPhone case it has also built in macro lens for crisp and clear close up photography using your iPhone.

iPhone OS 3.0

PoiPhone3-0 SWsted on: 3-17-2009

LIVE coverage!
As we announced :On 3-17-2009at 10:00 AM Pacific time Apple is hosting an event presenting the press with the latest build of the iPhone OS, the 3.0 version. See the live blog after the break.

Metallic iPhone case


Posted on: 3-12-2009 / Category: iPhone Accessories

This has to be the coolest looking slim fit case for the iPhone 3G. Donno how practical it is but it shure looks great. As you all know slim fit cases are one of the best choices if you want to protect your iPhone without adding bulkiness, especially if you use to carry it in your pocket.