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iPhone Apps for AOL Users, AIM,AOLRadio,Moviefone&Truveo

  Apps for iPhone and iPod touchNow with push notifications, AIM connects you with your friends and family instantly. The new Lifestream feature lets you stay on top of what your AIM buddies are doing by allowing you to add a variety of accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.AIM Support AOL Website  

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AOL has many free apps to help you get the most from your iPhone™ or iPod® touch, including AIM, AOL® Radio powered by CBS Radio, Moviefone, Truveo video search and more.




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Never Forget Your Hotel Room # With My Room iPhone App


How many times have you been staying at a hotel and you’ve forgotten your room number?

With My Room, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your room number again.

This app will allow you to easily store your number on one of four specially designed custom doors.

My Room will also keep track of all the rooms you’ve previously stayed in allowing you to look back at your history.

And for those of you who are staying at a hotel with a group of people, such as trade show or a soccer tournament, you can easily add the room numbers of your friends so that you can keep track of everyone in your party.

Special Features:

  • Store your room number with just a few clicks.
  • Keep a running history of all the rooms you’ve stayed in.
  • Keep track of which rooms your friends are staying in.
  • Choose between four specially designed custom doors.
Email Support: support@riefmedia.com



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