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Dynolicious iPhone app – measure 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral G’s

So you’ve already got a sweet ride… now you can measure just how sweet it is.  Dynolicious uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to measure you vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral G’s, and several other performance metrics.  A history of test results for your car are saved, so averages and trends can instantly be retrieved.  Dynolicious also allows you to record modifications made to your car, and to evaluate the resulting gains (or losses) in power and performance. Continue reading

Amazing iPhone tricks

Behold the iPhone. It’s so simple on the surface; merely swipe your finger, and voila!—e-mail, Web browsing, calendars, contacts, and more. But there’s much more to the iPhone than meets the eye. There are clever ways to use those built-in tools to do things that Apple never intended (or, at least, never deigned to tell us about). And there are all those third-party applications that can extend the iPhone’s powers even further.

We’ll share some of our favorite tricks and tips for using the iPhone in unexpected ways. Looking for ways to keep files, notes, to-dos, events, and other data synchronized among multiple iPhones, Macs, and other users? We’ve got em. We’ll also show you how to take maximum advantage of the iPhone’s GPS powers and how to turn the phone’s built-in camera into a personal shopper or wide-angle lens. And if you can’t stand to be out of the loop for a moment, we’ll help you cram as much media from blogs, radio, and news feeds as possible onto your iPhone. These are just a few alluring hints of the remarkable power that lies in your hands, waiting to be tapped.

These apps help you stay in the loop with your iPhone

How to use your iPhone’s built-in camera for more than just snapshots

11 ways to sync your data with an iPhone

15 Great Uses for iPhone GPS

SKOBBLER GPS NAVIGATION 2 Video – SAT NAV App for iPhone or iPad 99 cents!

More than 2.5 million customers worldwide trust skobbler’s GPS Navigation 2. It is a full-fledged sat nav substitute at an unbeatable price. It works online and offline (hybrid). It’s entirely based on the amazing OpenStreetMap. And there’s even more to it than that…


GPS Navigation 2 is all this:
★ BRAND NEW next generation navigation including optional offline mode upgrade
★ NOW greatly improved version 4.2 including patented technology for stationary speed trap warnings in various countries
★ True voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation at an unbelievable price
★ One of the most successful navigation apps in the App Store with more than 2.5 million users worldwide
★ Best-selling navigation app in Germany and the UK for years, #1 positions in 11 countries



☛ Auto Express
“The app looks slick, with easy to use menus and a clear display showing street names and location.”


“skobbler has taken the mobile sat-nav scene by storm on iPhone…….It uses OpenStreetMap Data (the “Wikipedia of Maps”) to tell you where you need to go. It is becoming increasingly difficult to see how dedicated sat-nav device manufacturers can compete!”




The best in brief:

Online navigation or offline upgrade – it’s your choice

No hidden costs – no subscriptions

Local search, map view, ‘take me home’ button, contact list navigation, iPod playback, stationary speed trap warnings in various countries

Powered by OpenStreetMap – the most dynamic digital map on the planet

Navigation for iPhones and 3G-iPads



Find out more:

The app itself as well as all in-app purchases have one thing in common: you pay once and forever. There are no timeframes to consider, no subscriptions to keep track off, no “trial” phases after which the app just stops working.

You can use this app online without limitations. Yet if you live in an area with spotty reception or want to use it abroad without being charged super-high roaming costs by your mobile carrier, you can purchase installable maps for most countries or entire continents as upgrades from within the app at very low prices.

Skobbler is the first navigation app to offer this “hybrid” capability. This gives you a choice on which maps are worth your device’s limited storage capacity. Install and de-install maps as you see fit at any time. You don’t have to clog your device with data that you’ll never use anyway.

skobbler uses the brilliant Open Source project OpenStreetMap as map source. Find ut what’s already possible based on the input of more than 600,000 mapping enthusiasts around the world. Especially in urban areas, the OpenStreetMap is already the most-detailed digital map.

In some other areas, the map might not be perfect yet though. The upside: you can help to change that by reporting map errors directly from within the app. Find out more about the OpenStreetMap on www.openstreetmap.org.


The good thing for you in any case: we provide you with regular map updates – at no extra cost!

✩✩✩ NAVIGATION FOR iPhone AND 3G-iPads
You can use this app on your iPhone as well as on any iPad with 3G (only these have GPS receivers).




This app is designed for and is Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

  • $0.99
  • Category: Navigation
  • Updated: Nov 05, 2012
  • Version: 4.3
  • Size: 19.1 MB
  • Languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
  • Seller: skobbler GmbH
  • © 2012 skobbler GmbH

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile’13 iPhone App – all the Latest News, Standings from NASCAR

The latest news from Sprint Cup NASCAR Racing, as well a all the results, driver standings and race information. A complete dash tells you when the race was, when and where the next race is, and where your favorite driver is on the leaderboard.







Stay connected to the most popular motorsport in America with the Official app from NASCAR: NASCAR Mobile ’13. The new NASCAR Mobile ’13 app offers comprehensive in-depth news, expert analysis, video and photos directly from the source. Immerse yourself even further into the NASCAR experience with comprehensive driver information, race highlights and social media updates from NASCAR’s biggest stars. Reconnect with the excitement that was the 2012 NASCAR season and learn about the amazing new Sixth Generation car and what is in store for the upcoming 2013 season. Whether you are a first-time fan or avid fan of NASCAR, the Official NASCAR app is for you!
o Coming in February – LIVE RACE DAY COVERAGE
o Year-Round in-depth coverage of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
o Driver information and historical data
o Breaking news, expert analysis and media including articles, images and video
o Schedules, driver standings and track information


Only NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile allows you to follow your favorite driver and the live race action all season long. Sprint customers get exclusive access to additional content including live in-car audio, live race radio, the NASCAR on SPEED broadcast and real-time telemetry data. Only from Sprint, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile is FREE with an Unlimited data plan.











iPhone & iPad App for Concealed Handgun & Firearm Carry

“Gun Concealed” App Description




This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

  • $2.99
  • Category: Reference
  • Updated: Oct 06, 2011
  • Version: 2.5
  • Size: 8.4 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: ReadMe Publications, Inc.
  • © 2009 ReadMe Publications, Inc.



The GOAL of this program is to give you a quick reference to Concealed Carry information for each state and provide Internet hyperlinks to state laws for more detailed information and research (find the answer you are looking for).


The other goal is to keep you current and up to date with new data as laws and regulations change.



Gun Concealed is a complete, up to date application. It has the most robust content as the statistics below will show:








28,572 LINES

Click the button below to view or download this app.


There is also a “Lite” version,

look on the bottom of the page that opens when you click the link above.


Tap Forms iPhone App, Your Life Organized!

Post Subject: This Review is for Tap Forms a new iPhone database app.

It’s available at the App Store in a Full version for $8.99 or a Lite version FREE!


Endorsed by SmokinApps™

Tap Forms Database
Organize your life with the most powerful iPhone™ database app yet. Use Tap Forms to securely keep track of your movies, books, recipes, inventory and more.

Your Life. Organized!


Tap Forms is the Cadillac of database apps.  Its compelling interface and user flexibility makes it perfect for storing any kind of information, whether ultra sensitive or non sensitive.  Users can use the included stock forms or create their own custom ones.

  • GPS location with integrated map view
  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Dates
  • Time
  • Date & Time
  • Contacts
  • Check marks
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Audio voice memos
  • Website addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Ratings
  • File Attachments
  • Keep track of your favorites
  • Use the built-in FTP and WebDAV servers to exchange data with your Mac or PC
  • Exchange files with Tap Forms right from your desktop's browser
  • Fast integrated search engine
  • Strong AES-256 bit encryption
  • Protect your data with iPhone-like passcode lock feature
  • Additional protection provided with lock-out mechanism to prevent repetitive unsuccessful passcode attempts. Locks access to Tap Forms for up to 2 hours.
  • Ready Made Forms:

    • Passport information
    • Security alarm codes
    • Vehicle registration information
    • Daily journal
    • Drivers license
    • Credit card numbers
    • Loyalty card information
    • Bank accounts
    • Memberships
    • Software serial numbers
    • Online accounts access
    • Home insurance
    • Vehicle insurance
    • Government health number
    • Frequent flyer numbers
    • Log book
    • School homework tracker
    • Investment account numbers
    • Garage door passcode
    • Important dates
    • Audio dictation
    • Locker combination
    • Calling cards
    • And more…






















    The Full version of TapForms is available for $8.99 in the App Store



    Be sure to look at the bottom of the iTunes page for Tap Forms Lite iPhone database app.

    It’s also available at the App Store! The Lite version is FREE!

    Tap Forms Database Website Link

    Testimonials & Reviews

    • Twitter: @h8rnet: iPhone databases: Tap Forms is bettter than Bento in every conceivable way. Wish I didn’t drop the $5 on bento just to prove that to myself.
    • iPhone App Examiner: Keeping personal information personal while secure and available
    • AppVee.com: Tap Forms Database is an amazing application for the iPhone & iPod Touch that allows you to keep track of any type of data you deal with on a regular basis.
    • Crazy Mike”s Apps: Wholly database, Tap Forms is powerful
    • Touch My Apps: What I found was a versatile database program. It is a God-send for those, like me, who have a difficult time keep track of life and all the tiny bits of information that comes along with it. This one App takes the place of the multitude of scrap paper I have all over the place.
    • AppStoreApps.com: The best part about this application is that it’s totally customizable. If you want a “form” with just audio notes, you can do this. . if you want one with just websites or just bank accounts/credit cards, you can do this as well.

    The app’s premise is a simple one.  In the words of the ClickSpace Technologies developers, “Your Life.  Organized.”  Regardless of a user’s intent, Tap Forms Database is the ultimate organizational tool.  It takes care of all recorded data, eliminating the need for additional programs.

    All sensitive information stored in Tap Forms Database is completely secure.  The app has a strong, government approved AES-256 bit encryption, a pass code PIN and an optional auto lock/lockout function.

    Tap Forms Database is also used for more everyday things such as, tracking inventory, listing movies or keeping recipes handy.  This is what developers mean when they say that Tap Forms Database is versatile and perfect for any type of data storage.

    Additional features, such as the recordable GPS positioning, website accessing from within the app, email, importing and exporting, provide a total flexibility to the Tap Forms Database.  Users can also record and attach audio files and even search and transfer Word and Excel files or PDF’s.

    The Tap Forms Database is not only flexible and versatile; it is also rich in features:

    * 25 stock forms
    * Users can easily create custom forms
    * 16 different data fields
    * Integrated map view in location field; search for any location in the world
    * Direct website accessing using a powerful search engine built into the app
    * In app emailing of files
    * Tell a Friend feature via email or Facebook
    * Ultra secure encryption, PIN and optional auto lock/lockout function
    * Take photos and post them to your Facebook account
    * Adjust fonts
    * Record and attach audio files
    * Search and upload/download Word and Excel files or PDF’s
    * Import and export to a computer via FTP or built-in WebDAV server

    Features Include:

    • Comes with over 25 forms ready to fill out!
    • Create new forms or easily customize any of the built-in forms
    • Store 16 different types of information:

    Best Camera iPhone App Review & Demo Videos


    Best Camera allows you to creatively edit and share your iPhone images more simply than ever before. Developed by renowned photographer, Chase Jarvis, Best Camera provides a unique set of effects that can be applied at the touch of a button. Stack those effects. Mix them. Remix them. Virtually infinite creative possibility with your photos.

    Best Camera_Txt

    And what good is taking a picture if it is not easily shared? Best Camera allows you to share directly via Twitter, Facebook, email, and thebestcamera.com, a new online community that allows you to contribute to a living, breathing gallery of iPhone photography from around the globe. This is the only iPhone app on the market developed by a world-class photographer AND the only app that allows you to shoot, edit, and share your pictures easily through many channels.

    Best Camera_1A

    With Best Camera you can get astonishing results with the tap of your finger on a single filter, OR stack multiple filters to create unique and more advanced effects for your pictures. You can even share that “recipe” with your friends. While other photo apps can be clumsy in styling your images like the pros, this app makes it simple and easy. Change your image to black and white, saturate your colors, create a cinematic look, brighten, darken, or apply a frame to your picture on the fly. There are 14 filters from which to choose. Four “signature” filters can be identified by the flags – they offer the slickest one-touch option for a filter. Further to the right on the dock, you’ll find an assortment of 10 additional filters that can act as one-touch filters, or are great “tools” to correct images that were poorly captured originally.

    Best Camera_1B

    Through the course of developing this application, world renowned photographer Chase Jarvis put dozens of iphone photo apps to the test and none of them succeeding in effectively capturing and sharing images. And why use 2 or 3 applications to take and share pictures when you can do it in one? With the touch of one button, Best Camera shares any of your photos with the services that helps you stay in touch with your friends: Facebook, Twitter, email, or www.thebestcamera.com. By simply checking or unchecking a box, you can decide where you want share image and with whom. It is that easy.

    Best Camera_1C

    Here’s your chance to view the live feed of images from thousands of other people using Best Camera app from around the world – direct to your phone. Draw inspiration from them, rate them with a thumbs up, and join this erupting worldwide community right from within this app. But don’t forget, this community isn’t just about watching, it’s about participating. With the click of a button when you “save and share” your images in the app you too can participate in this living, breathing gallery of photos from around the world. You can see the images pouring into the photostream and click on any image to see who shot the photo and what filters they used to create their “look”.

    Best Camera_Button

    Best Camera_Filter1

    Best Camera_Filter2

    Get FREE WordCrasher Blitz Game App for iPhone!

    The ultimate edition of the tactile word game, as featured on MacWorld, Wired and The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).
    Now enhanced for iPhone 5 and the new iPad!
    As letters fall down and pile up on your screen, touch them to make words.  Making long words and using rare letters is a risky strategy, but will score much higher.  But watch out, if the letters reach the top of the screen it’s Game Over!
    • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch compatible, with Retina Display support
    • Game Center and OpenFeint compatible
    • Worldwide online score boards and achievements.
    • Facebook and Twitter enabled.
    • Three gameplay modes – “Quick Game” joins the classic “Marathon” and the more difficult “Flood Panic”, which introduces water and buoyancy into the mix!
    • All new “Letter Score Multipliers” bring a whole new layer of strategy to your word play.
    • All new “Word Master” level tracks your progress. Level up with each game you play.
    • Realistic tactile physics.  Letters bounce and roll around as they fall.
    • The game tracks the size of your vocabulary.  Enter new words and expand your repertoire to climb the worldwide vocabulary leaderboard.
    • Over 190,000 words recognized, in US, UK and International English.

    “App Secret iPhone Security App offers a new way to protect your data!



    Developer Quote:
    “App Secret offers you a new way to protect your data and keep all the important information untouched. Use an array of lock options to securely protect the important data on your device and prevent unauthorized access.”







    – Categories: Lifestyle, Safe, Storage, Universal, Utilities

    Download link at bottom of post



    Privacy is a major concern to most people. If it’s not the government peering over your shoulder gathering personal information, it’s retailers, businesses, and, often times friends going through your phone! Much of the time you can’t help but divulge your personal information, but sometimes you can.

    When you use App Secret, there are many ways in which you can safeguard the confidential nature of your photos, videos, notes, voice memos, reminders, contacts and more on your device.

    Use App Secret to passcode protect your data using either a passcode lock, combination lock or even dot pattern lock style (which I actually prefer). Check out the features of this iPhone and iPad password protection storage app:



    ✔ Passcode Style

    – Passcode lock style

    – Combination lock style

    – Dot pattern lock style for higher security


    ✔ Photos & Videos

    – Create albums for your photos

    – Passcode lock for individual album

    – Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

    – Take private photos and videos from within the app

    – Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

    – Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

    – Supports move, copy & paste


    ✔ Notes

    – Passcode lock for individual folder

    – Create and sort your notes by folder

    – Supports move, copy & paste

    – Search your notes


    ✔ Reminders

    – Similar to iOS Reminders app

    – Passcode lock for individual folder

    – Supports move, copy & paste

    – Search your reminders

    – Set reminder priority


    ✔ Voice Memos

    – Search by keyword

    – Record and playback

    – Rename, delete and share voice memo

    – Open/close speaker


    ✔ Contacts

    – Similar to iOS Contacts app

    – Search by keyword

    – New, delete and edit contact

    – Batch importing contacts from address book

    – Bach saving contacts to address book

    – Share contact via vCard

    – Supports most common contact fields and you can add custom fields


    ✔ Other

    – Break-In report with image capture

    – Fake password for decoy mode

    – Easy to use interface

    – Full Retina display support

    – Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

    – Compatible with iOS6 and iPhone 5


    If you choose to write secret notes, you will have 4 ready-made folders from which to choose including Quick Notes, Homework, Idea and Work, or create your own folder. Tap the “+” to start writing your note, and later you can use the Sort function to sort by name or date in ascending or descending order. With the Contacts function, you may create a new contact or import one from your phone book.


    These are the kind of personal data you want to protect from prying eyes – whether the curiosity of friends, kids or co-workers. The simplicity of the app and the clean outline make it easy to enter, edit or delete your information. Navigating the app is a pleasure and smooth sailing.
    App Secret is definitely worth a look when you consider privacy a must!




    Emoti iPhone Emoticon App for Facebook Get App Here

    Review is for Emoti for Facebook iPhone app.

    It’s available at the App Store for $1.99!

    New iPhone App, Emoti for Facebook is available on the iTunes App Store,  spread the word about this great app!
    Make your Facebook status updates & wall posts more interesting & colorful with Emoti for iPhone. Simply select an Emoti emoticon, type your message and share it on your wall, or on a friends wall. Simple, easy, fun! 74 Emoti emoticons to choose from and even more coming soon. See them all on our website. Uses Facebook Connect to access your account and friends list. Posts with images are always more interesting than text alone. You’ll love it and so will your friends!

    We really like the App and think it should be popular. There are 350 million Facebook users and Emoti gives you a chance for your message post to stand out with some really cool custom emoticons.


    Here’s a link to the App Store: AppStoreButton