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“App Secret iPhone Security App offers a new way to protect your data!



Developer Quote:
“App Secret offers you a new way to protect your data and keep all the important information untouched. Use an array of lock options to securely protect the important data on your device and prevent unauthorized access.”







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Privacy is a major concern to most people. If it’s not the government peering over your shoulder gathering personal information, it’s retailers, businesses, and, often times friends going through your phone! Much of the time you can’t help but divulge your personal information, but sometimes you can.

When you use App Secret, there are many ways in which you can safeguard the confidential nature of your photos, videos, notes, voice memos, reminders, contacts and more on your device.

Use App Secret to passcode protect your data using either a passcode lock, combination lock or even dot pattern lock style (which I actually prefer). Check out the features of this iPhone and iPad password protection storage app:



✔ Passcode Style

– Passcode lock style

– Combination lock style

– Dot pattern lock style for higher security


✔ Photos & Videos

– Create albums for your photos

– Passcode lock for individual album

– Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

– Take private photos and videos from within the app

– Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

– Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

– Supports move, copy & paste


✔ Notes

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Create and sort your notes by folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your notes


✔ Reminders

– Similar to iOS Reminders app

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your reminders

– Set reminder priority


✔ Voice Memos

– Search by keyword

– Record and playback

– Rename, delete and share voice memo

– Open/close speaker


✔ Contacts

– Similar to iOS Contacts app

– Search by keyword

– New, delete and edit contact

– Batch importing contacts from address book

– Bach saving contacts to address book

– Share contact via vCard

– Supports most common contact fields and you can add custom fields


✔ Other

– Break-In report with image capture

– Fake password for decoy mode

– Easy to use interface

– Full Retina display support

– Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

– Compatible with iOS6 and iPhone 5


If you choose to write secret notes, you will have 4 ready-made folders from which to choose including Quick Notes, Homework, Idea and Work, or create your own folder. Tap the “+” to start writing your note, and later you can use the Sort function to sort by name or date in ascending or descending order. With the Contacts function, you may create a new contact or import one from your phone book.


These are the kind of personal data you want to protect from prying eyes – whether the curiosity of friends, kids or co-workers. The simplicity of the app and the clean outline make it easy to enter, edit or delete your information. Navigating the app is a pleasure and smooth sailing.
App Secret is definitely worth a look when you consider privacy a must!