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Get FREE WordCrasher Blitz Game App for iPhone!

The ultimate edition of the tactile word game, as featured on MacWorld, Wired and The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).
Now enhanced for iPhone 5 and the new iPad!
As letters fall down and pile up on your screen, touch them to make words.  Making long words and using rare letters is a risky strategy, but will score much higher.  But watch out, if the letters reach the top of the screen it’s Game Over!
• iPad, iPhone and iPod touch compatible, with Retina Display support
• Game Center and OpenFeint compatible
• Worldwide online score boards and achievements.
• Facebook and Twitter enabled.
• Three gameplay modes – “Quick Game” joins the classic “Marathon” and the more difficult “Flood Panic”, which introduces water and buoyancy into the mix!
• All new “Letter Score Multipliers” bring a whole new layer of strategy to your word play.
• All new “Word Master” level tracks your progress. Level up with each game you play.
• Realistic tactile physics.  Letters bounce and roll around as they fall.
• The game tracks the size of your vocabulary.  Enter new words and expand your repertoire to climb the worldwide vocabulary leaderboard.
• Over 190,000 words recognized, in US, UK and International English.

New iphone iPhone Strummer Guitar App, Leave a Review & Get Free Game Codes!

 iPhone App:   

Turn your iPhone into a guitar!

iTunes Link : Strummer


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    on Nov 14th, 2009 at 6:27 pmThank you Swiss Komputer Games Bureau!Please play nice and LEAVE A COMMENT telling everyone which code you took. If you get one, I’m sure the developer would also appreciate an App Store review!1. 7WAW34LLXFAX
    2. 76EYYXT37MRA
    4. XLA9YRJYW43X
    5. RA69TMR7W7HTInstructions on how to redeem promo codes can be found here:
    http://www.iphoneappreviews.net/how-to-get-free-apps/You must have a U.S. iTunes account to redeem codes.

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