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CoPilot Live updates US edition for iPhone to On Sale $19.99

CoPilot Live has silently updated 5 of their editions to the new version The following countries/regions are updated: UK and Ireland, North America, Nordics, Italia and Iberia. All the other Editions: Europe, D-A-CH, France and BeNeLux still are at

The updates differ per edition. The North America edition updates the following:

– In-app access to iPod controls
– Fixed Lat/Lon destination entry
– Ability to turn off Text-to-Speech help
– Improved User Interface performance
– Additional GPS performance improvements

While the Europe editions also have “ClearTurn enhanced junction display in portrait” in stead of “Ability to turn off Text-to-Speech help”

iPhone apps

Click the Download link button below; this will take you to the iTunes page where you can get Co Pilot live! Note: If you don’t have iTunes download you will be brough to the free iTunes download page first. Once you have iTunes download you will be able to get the Co Pilot live app.


Are you considering buying a GPS unit for about $100 or more this holiday season?

What if you could turn your iPhone into a GPS navigation unit for $19.99?

CoPilot Live North America is a full featured GPS navigation iPhone app with turn by turn voice directions. It contains detailed US & Canada road and street maps.

CoPilot Live usually sells for $34.99 and it is on sale for $19.99 now! (sale ends Monday 30th Nov) It includes lifetime voice turn by turn navigation!


KEY FEATURES (from iTunes)

  • Detailed Text to Speech turn-by-turn voice directions
  • Street maps of USA and Canada stored on your iPhone
  • Clear 3D and 2D driving views with speed-variable zoom and street names
  • Navigate to a zip code, house number, street, intersection or address book contact
  • Detour button to work out an alternative route
  • Tap anywhere on the map to go there or create a custom POI
  • Portrait/landscape display auto-switching
  • Tap to dial a POI directly on-screen
  • Comprehensive pre-trip planning and preview
  • Route optimizer for multi stop trips
  • Continued guidance in tunnels and underpasses
  • Automatic day/night mode
  • LiveLink™ location sharing and messaging: keep track of your CoPilot friends, live on-screen!
  • Live weather info for your location/destination
  • RV mode provides guidance for larger vehicles
  • Huge range of customization options
  • Easy to use fluid menus, pinch zoom and shortcut buttons

The other full fledged GPS iPhone apps that don’t require a cell phone signal are currently at

Navigon MobileNavigator – $69.99

TomTom – $99.99

making CoPilot an excellent value for the money at $19.99! Just remember it’s a 1.3 GB download so allow some time for the download before your trip, if you are buying it at the last second.

Rating: not yet

Availability: App Store [iTunes link]

Price: $34.99 (on sale at $19.99)