Get Local Traffic on iPhone + how 2 make your Twitter Account Mobile without data plan!

Twitter is a great way to communicate information you are uniquely interested in. You follow people on Twitter because they provide information you are looking for and don’t find anywhere else.

Twitter is even more useful when it is used as a mobile app. You can receive all sorts of useful tidbits through your cell phone or even as a text message, if you don’t have a data plan on your phone.

Here’s one example: you can get local traffic updates through your Twitter account. Here’s how: create an RSS feed with traffic information and ask FeedTwit to send it to your Twitter account as a direct message.

The Yahoo! Developer Network explains how to get local traffic updates through an RSS feed. Although that example might be intimidating to someone who isn’t used to working with a code, let me simplify it for you. All you need to do is add your zip code to the end of the following URL:
For instance, although I live in a suburb of Charlotte, NC, I would add the zip code for my workplace at the end of that URL to get traffic updates on my way to work in downtown Charlotte:

get traffic reports through Twitter

Next you take the URL and give it to FeedTwit in order to send the RSS feed to your Twitter account by direct message. Typically when people use RSS feeds and Twitter they think they have to use a service like TwitterFeed. Now, TwitterFeed is a great service when you want to broadcast the contents of an RSS feed through your Twitter account. In this case I don’t think people living in New York (or anywhere else, for that matter) are interested in receiving a traffic report from Charlotte, NC (and would simply unfollow you for providing irrelevant information). Rather than broadcast an RSS feed to all your followers like TwitterFeed, FeedTwit sends the feed’s contents to you as a direct message- that only you will see. Since this will come to your Twitter account as a direct message, you can read it from your favorite Twitter app or even through text message- if you have set up device updates through your Twitter account- even if you don’t have a data plan on your cell phone. Pretty cool, huh!

It is simple to use FeedTwit. First you follow the FeedTwit Twitter account. Within an hour you will receive a direct message giving you a password for your FeedTwit account. Visit the FeedTwit homepage and login using the given password and tell FeedTwit to send you the RSS feed you have just created.

Pretty soon you will get your local traffic reports through your Twitter account.

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