15 Kool things that … maybe you didn’t know you could do with your iPhone

Check out: 15 kool things that you didn’t know you could do with your iPhone!

1. Pressing the lock button and the home button at the same time takes a screenshot!
2. The microphone in the earphones/headset is also a button. Squeeze it for incoming calls, squeeze it again to hang up. Squeezing it once while inactive will make it the play/pause for the ipod. Double-squeezing it will skip songs. Note: If you squeeze it 3 times it skips back one song.


15 Kool things you didn't know you could do with iPhone


3. The iPhone has three cool sensors. First, it has an accelerometer that detects when you’ve rotated the iPhone into landscape orientation. In programs like Photos, Safari, and iPod, it triggers the screen image to rotate as well.

Camouflaged behind the black glass where you can’t see them except with a bright flashlight are two more sensors: a proximity sensor that shuts off the screen illumination and touch sensitivity when the phone is against your head (it works only in the Phone application), and an ambient-light sensor that brightens the display when you’re in sunlight and dims it in darker places.

Apple says that it experimented with having the light sensor active all the time, but it was weird to have the screen get brighter and darker all the time. So the sensor now samples the ambient light, and adjusts the brightness; it does this only once—each time you unlock the phone after waking it.

You can use that tip to your advantage. By covering up the sensor (just above the earpiece) as you unlock the phone, you force it to a low-power, dim screen-brightness setting (because the phone believes that it’s in a dark room). Or by holding it up to a light as you wake it, you get full brightness. In both cases, you’ve saved all the taps and navigation it would have taken you to find the manual brightness slider in Settings.

4. I’m going to share with you the solution to one of the most annoying things, if not THE most annoying thing, about typing on the iPhone:

The punctuation keys and alphabet keys appear in two different keyboard layouts.

So every time you want to type a period or a comma, it’s a three-step, awkward dance: (1) Tap the “.?123” key in the lower left to summon the punctuation layout. (2) Type the period. (3) Type the ABC key in the lower left to return to the alphabet layout.

Imagine how excruciating it is to type, for example, “a P.O. Box in the U.S.A.”! That’s 34 finger taps and 10 mode

The iPhone doesn’t register most key presses until you *release* your finger. I discovered that the Shift and Punctuation keys register their taps on the *press-down* instead.

So here’s what you can do, all in one motion:

A. Touch the “.?123” key, but don’t lift your finger as the punctuation layout appears.

B. Slide your finger a half inch onto the period or comma key, and release.

Incredibly, the ABC layout returns automatically. You’ve typed a period or a comma with one    finger touch instead of three. In fact, you can type ANY of the punctuation symbols the same way.

This makes a HUGE difference in the usability of the keyboard.

C. The iPod module on the iPhone starts out with buttons along the bottom for summoning   four  lists: Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos.

But what about Albums? Genres? Composers?

They’re there, all right, but hidden; you have to tap More to see them.

But what if you use those lists more often than Artists or Songs? No problem: you can replace one of those starter buttons with a list of your own.

Tap More, and then tap the Edit button (upper-left corner). You arrive at the Configure screen. Here’s the complete list of music-and-video sorting lists: Albums, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Genres, Composers, Compilations, Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos.

To replace one of the four starter icons, use a finger to drag an icon from the top half of the screen downward, directly onto the existing icon you want to replace. It lights up to show the success of your drag.

When you release your finger, you’ll see that the new icon has replaced the old one. Tap Done in the upper-right corner.

5. Link here to find iPhone tricks

6. When sending a text you can just tap the space bar twice at the end of a sentence and will automatically put in a full stop.

7. Press the home button twice to change/pause the song and adjust the volume. This does work, but it depends on what you have the Home button set to do. Mine goes to favorite contacts when I double click it. It You can be set to go to your Home page, to Favorites, or to iPod.

8. Jailbreak it and have your mind blown. Then you can: Record videos, use VoIP on edge/3g (or wifi) download from safari so i can find songs on the move and play via dtunes, custom themes, make your own ringtones, software unlock to use other carriers. GREAT FOR TRAVELING LIKE I DO! sending MMS via Swirly MMS, (picture texts), NINTENDOOOOOOO, tehering your iphone to your computer to use your edge/3g data on your laptop, GREAT for people on the move! doesnt cost extra, just uses the data form your plan. Soulseek so you can download FREE mp3’s directly to your iphone via wifi/edge/3g. FREE apple store apps! and who can forget SEGA! haha awesome. Tip:3 clicks to the headphones makes the track go to the previous song

9. One of my favorite…. When playing a song in iPod (play/pause volume controls), swipe right on the cover art to return to the track list. Make sure that the options menu (shuffle/repeat controls) isn’t on screen when you do this, otherwise it won’t work.

10. This is pretty basic, but some people don’t know about it. For websites you visit often, you can place an icon on your home page that links directly to it. Note: FYI: The Facebook app is extremely buggy, so instead of using it I put a link to Facebook Mobile on my home page.

11. When texting, the words just automatically show up and corrects the word you are writing (this is annoying)!Especially if you dont text in english! To turn automatic texting off; Update your iPhone OS to 2.1 or higher version. Newer OS has an option to turn off the auto-correction, it is located under “Settings > General > Keyboard”

12. This is probably something obvious for Mac users who use iPhoto ’09 and the iPhone 3G to take photo’s….. but….. each photo you take when you allow the location service adds your geographic location to the image. So when you import these images into iPhoto ’09, it can show you where the photo was taken. It can be a little buggy when taking images indoors as the GPS can’t get a fix.

Note: Windows users, I believe Picasa does something similar.

13. This was one of the best things about the iphone and I was thrilled to discover it. You can have your banking, o2, paypal etc all as icons on the homepage, it’s great!

14. If you hit the space bar twice it inserts a period and space

15. if you hold down on the home button, it will force quit an app and take you strait to the home screen.

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