150 Twitter feeds of famous people and organizations you should be following on Twitter


Presenting a list of 150 Twitter feeds of people and organizations associated

with media that appeals to geeks you should be following on Twitter.

Whether you’ve been using Twitter since 2006, are determined never to use it unless dragged kicking and screaming, or are somewhere in between, you probably know that it’s wildly popular with all sorts of people. In addition to the celebrities who make a big deal about Twitter (e.g., Ashton Kutcher), there are tons of people, both famous and not, who tweet about lots of interesting things.

Twitter ID’s Listed Here

Al Yankovic alyankovic An icon of geeky music

Discovery Channel US Discovery

Items of interest about shows on the network Matt Roush RoushTVGuideMag

A good source for info about all sorts of TV shows, including geeky ones Cracked.com cracked

Awesomely amusing lists of stuff Lore Sjöberg loresjoberg

A strange, strange man who writes for Wired and other publications Carlton Cuse CarltonCuse

Writer and Executive Producer of LOST Aasif Mandvi aasif_mandvi

Correspondent for The Daily Show, actor in a few movies Craig Engler Syfy Craig is a Senior VP at Syfy, and tweets about shows on the network. Plus he gives away stuff now and then.

John Cusack shockozulu An excellent actor in many movies, some of them geeky

DavidHLawrence XVII dhlawrencexvii Extremely creepy and evil villain Eric Doyle on Heroes on NBC and the BBC, etc.

The Big Picture big_picture Some of the best photographic features on the web; always worth a look

Psych_USA Psych_USA The official Twitter account for the excellent, and geeky, show “Psych.”

Guy Kawasaki GuyKawasaki A good source for interesting news stories

Ira Glass iraglass The host of This American Life; his Twitter account is “on hiatus,” but hopefully he’ll come back soon.

Kevin Smith ThatKevinSmith The director of “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” etc. Warning: Many, if not most, of his tweets are NSFW.

Chris Hardwick nerdist Fun and interesting geeky stuff

Bear Grylls BearGrylls The guy from “Man vs. Wild,” which isn’t inherently geeky but is often awesome.

Michio Kaku mkaku2050 Theoretical physicist, star of “Sci-Fi Science” on the Science Channel.

Discovery Space Discovery_Space All kinds of space-related news

Josh Schwartz JoshSchwartz76 TV producer and screenwriter; co-creator of “Chuck.”

Alyson Hannigan alydenisof Actress from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and, currently, “How I Met Your Mother”

Felicia Day feliciaday Actress, writer, geek, best known for “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”

Neil Gaiman neilhimself One of the best writers of any sort alive today, and an often-entertaining tweeter

Richard Garriott RichardGarriott Pioneer of computer gaming (the Ultima series, e.g.). Also recently traveled to space and back

James Kyson Lee jameskysonlee Plays Ando on Heroes

Henson Company hensoncompany Yes, that Henson. They don’t own the Muppets any more, but they have some awesome projects nonetheless.

Teller MrTeller As in “Penn and Teller.”

Brilliant magician; also an actor and author Stephen Colbert StephenAtHome If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t follow him.

Peter Serafinowicz serafinowicz British actor, comedian, and voice artist.

Always good for a laugh. Star Wars starwars The Official Lucasfilm StarWars.com

Twitter Mo Ryan moryan The television critic for the Chicago Tribune, often tweeting about geeky shows.

The Muppets Studio MuppetsStudio The official Twitter account of The Muppets Studio

Lucasarts Games lucasartsgames Official Twitter feed for LucasArts, creator of videogames from Fate of Atlantis to The Force Unleashed

Bill Corbett BillCorbett Self-described “Clown Prince of Crime.” best known as Crow from MST3K. Currently works on RiffTrax.

Wil Wheaton wilw Actor, author, and Secretary of Geek Affairs.

Penn Jillette pennjillette The magician and TV personality; has an opinion on just about everything.

Eliza Dushku elizadushku Actress on “Dollhouse” and “Buffy.”

Peter Sagal petersagal The host of the always-awesome “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” radio show.

Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me waitwait The oddly informative news quiz from NPR

Beth Riesgraf BethJRiesgraf Actress on the excellent show “Leverage” (she plays Parker).

William Shatner WilliamShatner Captain Kirk himself

Burn Notice BurnNotice_USA The offical Twitter feed for the great TV show, which you should watch if for no other reason than that Bruce Campbell is a regular cast member.

Miles Kahn mileskahn Producer on The Daily Show; often tweets about interesting stuff.

Bill Prady billprady Executive Producer, The Big Bang Theory

David Blue DavidBlue Actor who can currently be seen on “Stargate: Universe.”

Paul McCartney PaulMcCartney If you don’t know, telling you probably won’t help.

Discovery Communications DiscoveryComm News from Discovery Communications, parent company of the various Discovery networks

Jeffrey Donovan Jeffrey_Donovan Actor, star of “Burn Notice,” often tweets from the set.

Paula Poundstone paulapoundstone One of the funniest people on Twitter.

Topless Robot ToplessRobot Nerd news, humor and self-loathing.

John Kovalic muskrat_john The awesome cartoonist behind Dork Tower and all the illustrations for Munchkin, among many other things.

Disney’s D23 DisneyD23 The official community for Disney fans

Girl Genius girlgenius The Twitter account for Phil and Kaja Foglio about their awesome webcomic.

Tim O’Reilly timoreilly Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media; tweets about lots of awesome stories.

Pavel SciFiScoop Sci Fi Scoop is a science fiction and fantasy news site.

Bre Pettis bre Founder of MakerBot, contributor to MAKE, all-around awesomely geeky guy.

Ken Plume KenPlume Very funny guy, has worked with Kevin Smith a fair bit.

Dr. Horrible drhorrible A Twitter account that has on occasion actually been manned by Joss Whedon… we think. Tweets news of all things Whedon, not just Dr. Horrible.

John Scalzi scalzi Sci-fi writer, essayist, blogger, and huge geek.

Brian Bendis BRIANMBENDIS Comic book writer extraordinaire

Neil Grayston neilgrayston Plays Fargo on SyFy’s “Eureka.”

AnimalPlanet AnimalPlanet Updates on all things Animal Planet.

Sockington the Cat sockington Not really geeky, but so much fun we had to include him.

Walt Disney Pictures DisneyPictures The official Twitter account for Walt Disney Pictures.

Rainn Wilson rainnwilson Best known as Dwight from “The Office” (US version). Tweets about all sorts of interesting stuff.

Diane Duane dduane Writer of some of the best Star Trek books from several decades ago, and tons of other good stuff.

Dean Devlin Electric44 Producer of “Leverage,” among many other things.

Ken Levine KenLevine Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer.

Tory Belleci ToryBelleci MythBuster. ‘Nuff said.

Cory Doctorow doctorow Writer, blogger, major geek.

Patrick Norton patricknorton Part of Tekzilla

Greg Grunberg greggrunberg Plays Matt Parkman on “Heroes,” voiced Kirk’s stepdad in the new “Star Trek” movie, and is very much a geek himself.

Dave McKean DaveMcKean An incredible artist who collaborates with Neil Gaiman from time to time.

Simon Pegg simonpegg Hilarious British actor. Played Scotty in the new “Star Trek” movie.

Chris Anderson chr1sa Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine; GeekDad’s Editor Emeritus; popular author of many books.

John Cleese JohnCleese Quite probably one of the funniest men ever to have lived

Jane Espenson CapricaSeven Writer of many geeky TV shows, including “Buffy,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and the upcoming “Caprica.”

J.K. Rowling jk_rowling Author of the Harry Potter books, of course.

Disney•Pixar DisneyPixar The official Twitter account of Disney•Pixar.

Andy Ihnatko Ihnatko Technology pundit

Matt Nix MattNixTV Creator of the USA Network series Burn Notice.

LeVar Burton levarburton Actor best known to geeks as Geordi from ST:TNG.

Bill Cosby BillCosby Still one of the funniest people around

Psych Writer’s Room psychwrites An account shared by various of the writers of “Psych.”

Stephen Hawking Prof_S_Hawking Yes, that Stephen Hawking.

Steve Levitan SteveLevitan Co-Creator, Executive Producer of ABC’s “Modern Family,” which is one of the funniest new shows on TV.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz DrDoofenshmirtz The evil “genius” from “Phineas and Ferb.” Probably not official, but still fun.

Neil Patrick Harris ActuallyNPH Dr. Horrible himself! Has proven to be much, much more than Doogie.

Sesame Street sesamestreet The official account for the great 40-year-old kids’ TV show.

Nar Williams narwilliams Host of the show “Science of the Movies,” and all-around geek.

John Hodgman hodgman Much more than just a PC.

Mindy Kaling mindykaling Writer and actress (Kelly) on “The Office.”

Henson Parents hensonparents The Jim Henson Company’s official outreach to parents.

Veronica Belmont Veronica Host of Tekzilla on Revision3 and Qore on PSN. Also, a geek.

Buzz Aldrin TheRealBuzz The second person to set foot on the moon, among other things.

Neil Innes NeilInnes Composer of very silly songs, many of them with the members of Monty Python.

Jewel Staite JewelStaite Best known to geeks as Kaylee in “Firefly”/”Serenity.”

Rob Corddry robcorddry Former correspondent on The Daily Show. A strange, strange man.

Rachel Maddow maddow Political commentator on MSNBC; occasionally mentions geeky subjects.

Michael J. Nelson michaeljnelson Mike from MST3K; founder of RiffTrax. Hilarious guy all-around.

How I Met Your Mother HIMYM_CBS The official Twitter account for the very funny show

Adam Baldwin adamsbaldwin Best known as Jayne from “Firefly”/”Serenity.” Currently plays Casey on the excellent and very geeky “Chuck.”

Stephen Fry stephenfry The amazingly funny British actor, author, and blogger.

Zachary Quinto ZacharyQuinto Sylar, Spock, geek

Ming-Na MingNa Self-described geek, actress who can currently be seen on “Stargate: Universe.”

Bonnie Burton bonniegrrl Editor and Writer at Lucasfilm; author of several excellent books.

Elizabeth Banks ElizabethBanks Actress in the Spider-Man movies (Betty Brant) and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Very funny tweeter.

Zachary Levi ZacharyLevi Plays “Chuck” on the show of the same name.

Miles O’Brien milesobrien NOT the Star Trek character, but an excellent journalist specializing in space and technology.

Steve Jackson Games SJGames Probably the best game company in the world.

Drew Carey DrewFromTV Actor and current game show host. Also an admitted geek.

Science Friday scifri The official account for NPR’s Science Friday. Tweet them questions during the show.

Mark Bittman bittman Food columnist for the New York Times. Author of many excellent cookbooks.

Jon Favreau Jon_Favreau Director of Iron Man and, soon, Iron Man 2. Self-described geek.

Grant Imahara grantimahara MythBuster and major robotics geek.

Discovery News Discovery_News Science, technology, and related news stories

Warren Ellis warrenellis British author of comic books, novels, TV shows, etc.

Rob Neyer robneyer Writer on baseball who includes geeky observations every so often.

Great White Snark GreatWhiteSnark Very geeky humor

Ruth Reichl ruthreichl Former editor of Gourmet magazine. Tweets about food-related things, mostly.

MythBusters Official MythBusters If you like the show, you should be following this Twitter account.

Annalee Newitz Annaleen Writer and Editor-in-Chief for the sci-fi blog io9.

John Rogers jonrog1 TV, comics, and film writer

Jason Segel Jason_Segel Actor, writer, currently working on the next Muppet movie.

Trace Beaulieu TraceBeaulieu Former MST3K-er, now on Cinematic Titanic.

Robert Scoble Scobleizer Well-known geeky blogger.

Leo Laporte leolaporte Host of This Week in Technology, among other things. Roger Ebert ebertchicago Film critic, who we strongly suspect of being a geek

The Onion TheOnion Often hilarious fake news

Michael Ausiello EWAusielloFiles TV news, often including geeky shows.


Bill Amend billamend Cartoonist, best known for “FoxTrot.” Self-described geek.

Carrie Fisher CarrieFFisher Best known to geeks as Princess Leia, of course, but a very talented writer and actress in other roles besides.

Curt Smith curtsmith Co-founder of the excellent rock group Tears For Fears. Appears to be fairly geeky.

DK Publishing DKPublishing Publishers of some of the best kids’ books, and many excellent grown-ups’ books around.

Rod Roddenberry roddenberry Gene Roddenberry’s son

Jayson Peters nerdvana Excellent geek blogger

Adam Savage donttrythis MythBuster, geek dad, funny guy.

PBS Parents pbsparents Official Twitter account for parents regarding PBS programming.

RiffTrax rifftrax If you enjoyed MST3K, you need to know about RiffTrax

Adam West therealadamwest Batman — the campy out-of-shape one, not the one who needs a throat lozenge.

Rick Bayless Rick_Bayless Excellent chef, TV personality, and cookbook author.

Brent Spiner BrentSpiner Best known as Data, of course, but an excellent character actor besides.

Nathan Fillion NathanFillion Captain Tightpants himself

Damon Lindelof DamonLindelof Co-creator of LOST

Katherine Nelson katherinen VP of Communications at Discovery Channel

Maurissa Tancharoen MoTancharoen Co-writer of “Dr. Horrible.” Also Joss Whedon’s sister-in-law.

Science Channel ScienceChannel The official Science Channel Twitter feed. Features show information, network exclusives and breaking science & tech news.

Ryan Penagos Agent_M Editor of Marvel.com.

Anthony Daniels ADaniels3PO The man inside C3PO.

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