ShopSavvy Cost Saving iPhone App (Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader) find best price for any item!

– More than a barcode scanner –

Find the right product at the best price! Now the fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive scanner around. It won’t find everything in the world, but it is close. Now you can be savvy when you shop!




*** Features ***

Search and Scan
Fast barcode scan (all UPC, EAN and QR formats) using multiple orientations.



Search by keywords. If you don’t have a barcode, type in the title and search.



Community-powered. If we are missing a barcode, you can add it to our system.



Multicurrency (USD, EUR, GBP).
Have fun: shake to see a random product.



Organize your searches in lists.



Find the lowest online or local price
Search across more merchants in North America and Europe than any other app.
Tap into almost every major retailer.
If we don’t have the correct price from a retailer, you can help us fix it. Just edit and submit for review.

Buy Online
If you find a deal, buy it directly from the merchant ecommerce site
Or save it to buy online later.

Shop Locally
Get retailer location, directions, and phone number.
Price match at local merchants. View price matching policies when available.
Look for the “blue dot” next to a store or price to know if a product is in stock.

View shipping promos, coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and more
See special offers and new features
View local Groupon offers of the day
Participate in contests

Share and Save
Share products, prices and lists with friends by email, Facebook, or Twitter.
Write your own product reviews.
Sync with Dropbox or iTunes file sharing.





**** User Testimonials & Media Reviews ****

“My phone has more than paid for itself in savings.” – User

“Your scanner performs amazingly well on iPhone, especially your latest version… none come even close to performing like yours.  Keep up the good work!” – User

“[Users] can make sure they’re getting the best prices with ShopSavvy, a free app that can scan a barcode and pull up prices of that item at competing retail shops.”  – NYTimes

“ShopSavvy is incredible… You’ll like ShopSavvy!”  – Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy Labs

“ShopSavvy harnesses all the cool things about the iPhone into a single app for smarter shopping.”
– LifeHacker

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