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    Send a text message with the letters CD to 44636 and we’ll send a message back with the link.


    Download the Buyer’s Guide App to get new-car information, photo galleries, expert reviews, specs, car buying advice and more. Be sure to keep the app updated as new useful enhancements come out.

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What is the “Mobile Web”? The collection of websites that is specifically designed for mobile devices.

What is the Car and Driver Mobile Web site? The Car and Driver Mobile Web site ( is an alternate version of specially designed for mobile phones. It is updated daily with new content and photos, includes many features from the regular site and some exclusive content. Best of all, it’s designed to fit on your phone screen.

How do I get to The Car and Driver Mobile Web site is currently available on all web-enabled cellular phones. You must be subscribed to your wireless provider’s mobile internet service, then access the internet browser from the main menu, and then choose to open the URL

What does “text CD to 44636” mean? It means you must create a text message with the word PM, and send it to phone number 44636.

Will this work on my phone? The Car and Driver Mobile Web site is accessible from all web-enabled mobile devices. All makes and models are supported. If you are having trouble, please tell us what type of phone you have and describe the problem that you are experiencing by emailing The Car and Driver Alerts work on any text-message-capable phone with the following carriers: Alltel, Boost, Dobson Cellular Systems, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon (no prepaid phones are supported).

Does this cost money? Car and Driver does not charge for Car and Driver Mobile (Mobile Web) or for the Car and Driver Alerts. However, message and data rates may apply. Check with your carrier to find out what plans are available.

How do I cancel my subscription to Car and Driver Mobile Alerts? Reply STOP to the most current text alert or text STOP to 44636.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite for iPhone – you can to get this app for free


Tap into the largest collection of live police, firefighters, aircraft, railroad, marine, emergency, and ham radios. Be the first to know about important news, events, or any major crime waves happening in your town.


*Note: Our paid app called 5-0 Radio PRO adds 33,000 more feeds – Search for “5-0 Radio Pro” on iTunes to find it.

Last chance to get this app for free

With 80,000+ new users per day, our servers might overload if we keep this up. So, this is your last chance to get this app for free. Another cool app we are offering for free for a few days is “News Feed FREE”.

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.

– Listen to feeds in the background. You can run other apps while listening to the police. Just email a link to yourself and tap it to listen to it in the background.
– Automatically attempts to reconnect the feed if you lose the connection.
– Listen to feeds on your desktop/laptop computer. Email yourself a link to the feed, and open that link on your browser or with your favorite mp3 player.
– Ability to Add Feeds
– Brand new built-in Web Browser allows you to browse the web while listening to a feed in the background.
– The web browser also automatically detects feeds and integrates it with the radio. Now you can add feeds from the web by simply tapping on the feed’s link via our browser.
– The web browser blocks most ads.
– Share feeds with your friends by email. They do not need to buy this app to listen with you.
– Top 100 Feeds list
– Aircraft and Train Feeds
For listings, go here:
– Worldwide coverage. Although, we may not have your country covered, our app is always expanding and looking for new police radios to tap into.
– List scanners by county. Don’t just list all feeds in a state, get only the ones that are from your city/county.
– Integrated map that finds your location and the location of the feed. Now you can find where the action is happening and follow along.
– Built-in police/EMS/fire/military codes and phonetic alphabet for easy interpretation. Good for any beginners who do not have the proper training and have trouble remembering what the codes mean.
– Save your favorites to the front screen of the app for quick one-tap access.
– This app will dynamically grab a new list of sources so that you will always be the first to get any new police feeds out there.
– See the popularity of each feed. Each feed lists the number of listeners who are following the action along with you.
– Choose new skins or make your own. Skins can be any photo you choose from your photos library.
– New police feeds and others are added on an hourly basis, so keep checking if we added yours recently.

Available Feeds
Go to

It is legal in most countries to listen to police feeds. However, it is illegal in some places to use this app to aid in the commission of a crime or to pose as a police officer when you are not. It may also be illegal to use it while driving. Please consult your local laws before using this app outside of your home.

Is it fake?
It’s very real. Each feed comes from a person in that region with an expensive police scanner and is sharing the signal with you via the internet.

The delay between the real radio feed and this app is only 1-3 seconds.

Join them @

If you need a good browser while you listen to feeds in the background, consider getting the highly-rated “Start Up! Browser” app. There is a link to it at the website,

…MoreNew & Popular Web Site 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite (Free!) Support

Get The iPhone & Home PC Performance and Speed Test – See your Internet Connection Speed & Get FREE iPhone App!

What is

Use to test the speed of your Internet connection. See if you are getting what you pay for and share your results with others! Click on the “Begin Test” button below to see how fast your internet PC speed is!






Get FREE WordCrasher Blitz Game App for iPhone!

The ultimate edition of the tactile word game, as featured on MacWorld, Wired and The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).
Now enhanced for iPhone 5 and the new iPad!
As letters fall down and pile up on your screen, touch them to make words.  Making long words and using rare letters is a risky strategy, but will score much higher.  But watch out, if the letters reach the top of the screen it’s Game Over!
• iPad, iPhone and iPod touch compatible, with Retina Display support
• Game Center and OpenFeint compatible
• Worldwide online score boards and achievements.
• Facebook and Twitter enabled.
• Three gameplay modes – “Quick Game” joins the classic “Marathon” and the more difficult “Flood Panic”, which introduces water and buoyancy into the mix!
• All new “Letter Score Multipliers” bring a whole new layer of strategy to your word play.
• All new “Word Master” level tracks your progress. Level up with each game you play.
• Realistic tactile physics.  Letters bounce and roll around as they fall.
• The game tracks the size of your vocabulary.  Enter new words and expand your repertoire to climb the worldwide vocabulary leaderboard.
• Over 190,000 words recognized, in US, UK and International English.

iFiles iPhone file manager, viewer, editor, and much more! transfer files from PC & share with your friends

iFiles is a file manager, viewer, editor, and more. You can transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and share them with your friends.

Wi-Fi Drive

From your MAC or PC, access files on your iPhone or iPod touch.


Share files with other iPhones or iPod users.


Email single or multiple files as attachments.


From PDF, Word, iWorks documents to Pictures and more.


Playback music and video files.

Manage Files

Copy, move, rename, delete, zip and more.

Edit Text

Create and edit text files with auto encoding detection.

Voice Recorder

iFiles has build-in voice recorder.


iFiles has many configuration options.


Create text files, voice recordings, import/take/record photos/movies.


Search for files in current folder.

Zip Support

Zip and unzip files.

Visit iFiles Website

Supported File Formats

  • iWorks ’08 and ’09 (Pages, Numbers, Keynote with or without Preview)
  • Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • HTML web pages and Web archives (web pages downloaded by Safari)
  • PDF Documents
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD
  • Plain text with auto-detection of character encoding. Text files can also be edited
  • Movies (supported file formats by iPhone: MP4, MOV, MPV, 3GP, M4V)
  • Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, ACC)

Supported File Operations

  • Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and Create New Folder
  • Zip and Unzip
  • Email (directly from iFiles using iPhones email accounts)
  • Share files with other iPhone or iPod Touch users over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • View and change properties
  • Save images to Photo Library
  • Create new Voice Recording
  • Take Photos, record movies or import from Photo Library
  • Create and edit text files