Fear Speeding tickets, get FREE Trapster iPhone app that spots radar traps!

Do you live in fear of speeding tickets? I no longer drive, but when I did, they were the bane of my existence. Too bad I wasn’t a driver in the time of the iPhone, because Trapster is the latest app that I’m declaring brilliant.

With this free app, the theory is that you, as the driver (though I’d make the person riding shotgun do it for safety’s sake), will just tap the app’s map (which is following you via GPS) to report a cop car hiding out with his radar gun.

Reported cop car/radar gun sightings go to a database, which alerts other drivers with the app in the area that they should watch out. Verrrry sneaky.

TrapsterĀ® iPhone App


Click the App Store button above to download Trapster to iTunes on your computer, or go to the App Store icon on your iPhone and then search for “Trapster”. The app fully supports your iPhone 3G GPS features.

Note: The text looking messages you receive, and the “siren” sound, are called Push Notifications. Click here to see how to start and stop Push Notifications on your iPhone. To limit Push Notifications to specific routes and areas where you drive click here.

Trapster on your iPhone images:

Main Screen
The red dot automatically follows your current GPS location in real time. The emanating blips show the Virtual RadarĀ® alert zone. The alert zone dynamically narrows and elongates based on your velocity and direction of travel. Icons animate while the corresponding audio alert is played.
Trapster iPhone

Police departments around the United States are working with Trapster by entering their own enforcement points and road hazards. A police badge icon will appear letting you know it was entered by an official police department.
Trapster Travis Police

Options Menu
This screen appears when you press “Options” in the upper right corner of the main screen.
Options Menu

Facebook and Twitter Integration
Trapster can automatically post traps that you report or vote on, and trips that you record (including photos), to your Facebook or Twitter account.
Facebook Twitter

Map Display
Select “Options” from the main screen, and then select “Display”. This screen controls what items are shown on the map. At times you may wish to temporarily disable display of some items to reduce crowding. Shutting off the display for a given feature does not turn off the function itself. For example, if you shut off display of My Trips, your trip will still continue recording.
map display

Reporting Traps You See
This screen appears when you press “Report” on the main screen. When you select the appropriate trap type, it is placed at your current GPS position. If the correct position of the trap is different than your current GPS position, you can further pinpoint the correct location by dragging the map.
Report Traps

Report Traps

Trap Detail Screen
When selecting a trap icon on the main screen the trap details screen appears. Information about when the trap was reported, the confidence level, and who reported it are shown. You can also rate traps that were reported by other users based on whether you agree or disagree.
Trap Details Screen

My Trips
The My Trips feature allows you to record your trip, and attach geo-tagged photos and notes along the way. You can share your trips with friends and family, keep them private, or leave them public for anyone to see. For example, you can share your trip with “Grandma” so she can monitor your progress as you travel to her house for Easter, the kids can take photos of themselves in the car, or playing in the playground at McDonalds where you stopped for lunch. When you don’t want your trips, just delete them. We don’t save trip data if you don’t want it.

The following slide out appears when you click the My Trips tab from the main screen:

My Trips

Trip Details
The Trip Details screen appears when you click the pencil (edit) icon in the My Trips slider.

Trip Details

See friends and other Trapster users in real time on the map, and then easily send them messages, photos, and audio recording attachments. This is popular for road trips when Trapster users caravan together. Just click the blue buddy icon on the right side of the trapmap.

This feature places a blue line on roads that other Trapster users have recently driven down. This inherently raises the confidence factor on the road. Turn this feature on by click the blue badge “P” icon on the right side of the trapmap.

In-app iPod Control
This slideout appears when you click the note tab on the main screen. It allows you to to completely control the iPod without leaving Traspter.
iPod Control

Real Time Traffic
This slideout shows real time crowdsourced traffic, even on the back streets and is generated by 100s of millions of Google Maps users. The screen loads a bit slowly, take a deep breath, but the data is great! Note: It is currently not possible to show this data on the main map. However we will integrate it as soon as we can.

Selectable sound themes
You can now choose from many different sound themes for the alerts that play as you approach a trap.

We highly recommend that you get a hands-free kit with car charger and dash mount like the one pictured below. Click the image to check pricing from Amazon, or get one at your mobile phone retail store.

TrapsterĀ® is still in a beta testing phase. This means you may experience bugs or deficiencies in the software from time to time. Issues? Please feel free to contact us.