“App Secret iPhone Security App offers a new way to protect your data!



Developer Quote:
“App Secret offers you a new way to protect your data and keep all the important information untouched. Use an array of lock options to securely protect the important data on your device and prevent unauthorized access.”







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Privacy is a major concern to most people. If it’s not the government peering over your shoulder gathering personal information, it’s retailers, businesses, and, often times friends going through your phone! Much of the time you can’t help but divulge your personal information, but sometimes you can.

When you use App Secret, there are many ways in which you can safeguard the confidential nature of your photos, videos, notes, voice memos, reminders, contacts and more on your device.

Use App Secret to passcode protect your data using either a passcode lock, combination lock or even dot pattern lock style (which I actually prefer). Check out the features of this iPhone and iPad password protection storage app:



✔ Passcode Style

– Passcode lock style

– Combination lock style

– Dot pattern lock style for higher security


✔ Photos & Videos

– Create albums for your photos

– Passcode lock for individual album

– Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

– Take private photos and videos from within the app

– Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

– Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

– Supports move, copy & paste


✔ Notes

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Create and sort your notes by folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your notes


✔ Reminders

– Similar to iOS Reminders app

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your reminders

– Set reminder priority


✔ Voice Memos

– Search by keyword

– Record and playback

– Rename, delete and share voice memo

– Open/close speaker


✔ Contacts

– Similar to iOS Contacts app

– Search by keyword

– New, delete and edit contact

– Batch importing contacts from address book

– Bach saving contacts to address book

– Share contact via vCard

– Supports most common contact fields and you can add custom fields


✔ Other

– Break-In report with image capture

– Fake password for decoy mode

– Easy to use interface

– Full Retina display support

– Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

– Compatible with iOS6 and iPhone 5


If you choose to write secret notes, you will have 4 ready-made folders from which to choose including Quick Notes, Homework, Idea and Work, or create your own folder. Tap the “+” to start writing your note, and later you can use the Sort function to sort by name or date in ascending or descending order. With the Contacts function, you may create a new contact or import one from your phone book.


These are the kind of personal data you want to protect from prying eyes – whether the curiosity of friends, kids or co-workers. The simplicity of the app and the clean outline make it easy to enter, edit or delete your information. Navigating the app is a pleasure and smooth sailing.
App Secret is definitely worth a look when you consider privacy a must!




Drag Racer iPhone app puts you in the driver seat of a Drag Race Car!


Drag Racer is an arcade side-view racing game which puts you in the driver seat of a Drag Racer. No steering required, just shifting. Get to the finish line first and gain credits to spend on customizing your ride, upgrading and better cars. Race from a selection of over 20 cars, with more coming as car packs.


  • Change your rims, kits, spoilers, interior

  • Paint individual sections of your car any colour you want

  • Apply decals anywhere on your car, choose from over 70 presets

  • Use pictures on your device and paste them on your car

  • Showoff your ride on Facebook, or beat your friends with your creation via bluetooth and wifi

XMG Studio Inc. Web Site

XMG Studio Inc. Web SiteDrag Racer: Pro Tuner Support

Mozilla reveals – Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone


Mozilla said it won’t be launching its own hardware to run the in-development Firefox OS when it’s finished, but the company has just announced a “Developer Preview Phone” for putting the OS through its paces.



It’s not quite the same as the mystery device we saw sporting Firefox OS at CES, but its specs seem almost as basic. The handset will feature a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen and 3-megapixel camera on the outside, with a 1GHz Snapdragon S1 CPU, half a gig of RAM, 4GB of microSD-expandable storage and WiFi, 2G and 3G antennae inside. Sure, that processor isn’t a beast, but an 800MHz S1 does just fine in the Lumia 610. A 1580mAh battery will keep the carrier-unlocked phone running, and Mozilla is promising OTA updates to Firefox OS to keep devs, well, up to date. At the moment, we have no idea how much the phone will cost, but the first units are expected to be available next month.


The developer handset is called the Keon,




according to creator Geekphone’s website, and while not mentioned in the Mozilla Hacks blog post, it appears to have a more powerful cousin called the Peak.




It’s got a 4.3-inch qHD screen, 8-megapixel back-facing camera (with flash) and 2-megapixel shooter round the front. A 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU and larger  1800mAh battery are within, but storage, RAM and connectivity specs are the same as the smaller Keon. Mozilla may not be formally promoting this as its own dev handset, but it was still included in the picture which accompanied the announcement (see above: the Keon is in orange, the Peak in white). Engadget is getting in contact with Mozilla to clarify, and we’ll update you when we get the information.



Source: Mozilla,

Some of the Coolest iPhone Games You Should Own

A new week, a new iPhone goodies roundup – this time we’re listing only games. Please share your favorite in the comments area and suggest other titles. BTW, if you like this post you’ll sure love these as well: 12 Fresh & Creative Branded Apps, Top 10 “Not Your Average” iPhone Apps & 10 (More) Fresh & Funny iPhone Apps.

iBlast Moki | $1.99 | Review | Download


The goal in iBlast Moki is to detonate bombs that you’ve placed within the scene to force the Mokis into contact with a red swirly space.  It’s is a well honed, gorgeous platformer that will keep you playing for days

Mouthoff | $0.99 | Review | Download


MouthOff is highly interactive and maybe the most funny iPhone app yet. Just open the game, choose a character and the live lip-sync is ON. Choose from 45 different mouths!!!

Watch TV on your iPhone, home PC or TV, (Click link banner-below).

Homerun Battle 3D | $4.99 | Review | Download


Shrouded in beautifully rendered graphics, Homerun Battle 3D is what a casual sports game should be.  If you have a hankerin’ for some baseball spankerin’ head on over and pick up Homerun Battle 3D today. It won’t disappoint

Dark Nebula | $0.99 | Review | Download


Dark Nebula contains 10 fast-paced levels of marble-rolling fun where you’ll need to make your way through each level, picking up items while avoiding the many pitfalls.  We found ourselves as enthralled with the gameplay as with the look of the game

Soosiz | $2.99 | Review | Download


Soosiz boasts all the features one would expect in an epic platformer.  Touch Foo gives the iPhone a true side-scrolling adventure with depth, polish and heart to boot!

Orbital | $0.99 | Review | Download


Combining neon light graphics with Snood-like gameplay, Orbital is a visually-appealing and highly-addictive exercise in precision and perseverance

Triazzle | $2.99 | Review | Download


With its attractive animations, clean interface, and fiendishly clever gameplay, Triazzle is sure to delight puzzle gamers of all ages

Sentinel 2 | $2.99 | Review | Download


We have yet to find a tower defense game that can rival Sentinel 2’s customization options, eerie soundtrack, and online accessibility

iSink U | $0.99 | Review | Download


iSink U turns classic Battle Ship gaming into a gorgeous colored pencil work of art

10 Pin Shuffle | $3.99 | Review | Download


Though there are other bowling games and even a shuffleboard game or two available in the app store, nothing combines them with the polish and creativity of 10 Pin Shuffle

Asphalt 5 | $6.99 | Review | Download


Asphalt 5 is outstanding, due to tons of unlockables, a wealth of various game modes, online multiplayer, and enjoyable gameplay. There are several racing titles available in the app store, but Asphalt 5 is certainly worthy of Top 5 status, if not Top 3

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Here are 10 great iPhone apps to help you stay true to your New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone loves a new year for a fresh start that’s full of promise! This will be the year you get fit, budget better, organize your life, and help others.

So how can you ensure that your resolutions last past January? Well, you won’t be surprised to find out, there’s an app for that. Here are 10 great iPhone apps to help you stay true to your New Year’s resolutions.



10 iPhone Apps for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Lose Weight and Get Fit




This app does everything but burn the calories for you. Enter your current weight and goal weight, and it’ll tell you how many calories you should eat a day and show your progress. You can even input in what foods you eat, and the comprehensive database will tell you the calorie count. Keeping track of everything you eat may seem a little OCD, but studies have shown that food diaries help with weight loss. If you want to make this process easier you can buy their companion app, Food Scanner ($2.99), that allows you to scan UPC codes of store-bought food to keep track of calorie and nutrition info. Oh, and everything syncs to dailyburn.com. What are you waiting for?

Cost: Free




iFitness is the best fitness app out there right now. It has over 230 different individual exercises to choose from. For each exercise you’ll see a picture, a description, and, for most, a video as well. You can even choose exercises based on muscle group. This app is great for everyone from the beginner who’s looking for an easy-to-follow workout, to the advanced body builder who wants a custom way to track progress.

Cost: $2.99

Save Money




Mint (Mint) somehow makes budgeting fun (or as close to fun as possible) with it’s slick interface and color coded graphs and charts. The iPhone app allows you to check in with your account on the go. You can see alerts (“You’ve spent too much on parking!”) and take a quick look at your budgetary goals, which may be just the thing to prevent that impulse buy, or remind you that $4 lattes add up really fast.

Cost: Free




If you’ve ever paid a bill late, this is the app for you. Enter all your upcoming bills and BillMinder will keep track of when they’re due and whether they’re auto-paid or not. If a due date is coming up, it’ll send you a push notification. They have a free version, Bill Minder Lite, you can try as well (it limits the number of bills you can input).

Cost: $1.99

Get Organized




This app is made for sticking to life goals and New Year’s resolutions, so it was a no-brainer for this list. In it you can keep track of up to 43 “things” that you’d like to accomplish, write notes about each goal, and indicate what percentage of the way you are towards finishing it. It also syncs with their online community 43things.com, which has a cool feature that shows you the goals others are trying to accomplish — just the thing to inspire you to set goals of your own.

Cost: Free




Remember the Milk has got a lot of things going for it. Aside from it’s catchy name and cute cow mascot, it’s a great simple to-do list and task manager. It’ll send you push notifications when your task is due and allows you to categorize tasks with multiple lists. You can also sync with the Remember the Milk web app, Google Calendar, and Google (Google) tasks. Adding tasks is easy, and you can even add them via e-mail as well as share them with others. However, you might spend so much time getting your tasks organized, you run out of time to actually get them done.

Cost: 15 day free trial and then $25/year subscription

Learn Something New




Everyone always says they want to learn another language. Well, stop waiting and get an iPhone app to actually do it. Human Japanese is an amazing app that lets you learn the language from square one. If you’re interested in learning other languages, check out Basic Spanish for Dummies ($0.99), Pocket Italian – Beginner ($4.99), or FREE French Essentials by AccelaStudy (Free). The iPhone has apps to help you learn just about any language you’d want to.

Cost: $9.99




Maybe this is just one of my personal goals, but I’ve always wanted to know more constellations (other than the big dipper). This app feels like stargazing with my own personal astronomer. Hold the app up to the sky and it’ll show you what constellations you’re looking at. You can even use it in the daytime to see what the night sky would look like. And it has more info than I’ll ever find time to absorb.

Cost: $2.99

Go Green




Let’s say one of your goals is that you’d like to make a difference. You walk into the grocery store and try to figure out what to buy, but you can’t tell which products are the most “green.” Are any of them actually better for the environment? Are they worth the extra price? Use Good Guide’s comprehensive database to figure out which products are best for your health, the environment, and society. This app even has a barcode scanner so you can quickly check out products before you buy them. Also, each product has not only a rating but a breakdown of why they were given that rating so you can make your own judgments.

Cost: Free




Much as the name implies, this app plants a real tree in one of twelve countries facing deforestation. Lest you get confused (like some of the app’s reviewers) the point is not the the app itself, which simply shows a growing tree animation. Instead it’s created to give iPhone users an easy way to donate, simply by buying the app. If you’d like to learn more check out Mokugift. Their site allows you to virtually gift a tree to a friend.

Cost: $0.99

Find Popular iPhone apps directory by category

A new game or a new recipe. Something to help you stay on top of world affairs or something to help you stay on top of your
finances. For all the incredible things your iPhone already does, there are thousands more, waiting for you at the Apple App Store. Visit the App Store


iPhone is ready for work.
Manage projects, track stocks, monitor finances, and more with these 9-5 apps.
business apps in the App Store
  • Education

    Keep up with your studies
    using intelligent education apps like King of Math and Stack the States.
    education apps in the App Store
  • Entertainment

    Kick back and enjoy the show.
    Or find countless other ways to entertain yourself. These apps offer hours of
    viewing pleasure.
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    Turn every night into family
    night with interactive apps that are fun for the whole house.
    family and kids apps in the App Store
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    Create budgets, pay bills, and
    more with financial apps that take everything into account.
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    Hungry? Thirsty? A little of
    both? Learn new recipes, drinks, and the secrets behind what makes a great
    food and drink apps in the App Store
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    The world’s best phone is also
    the world’s best portable gaming device. From first-person shooters to
    strategy, iPhone knows how to have a good time.
    games in the App Store
  • Health & Fitness

    When you need a little
    motivation, let apps like Nike+ FuelBand, Couch-to-5K, and more help you drop
    pounds and tone muscles.
    health and fitness apps in the App Store
  • Lifestyle

    Find the perfect recipe for
    Friday night. Or see what surf conditions are like on Saturday. Whatever your
    passion, there’s an app for you.
    lifestyle apps in the App Store


    Discover new music or make
    some of your own with apps like Pandora Radio, Shazam, and djay for iPhone.
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    Stay current on breaking news
    and weather with apps like NPR News, Yahoo!, and more.
    news apps in the App Store

    Photo & Video

    Take a photo, shoot a video,
    show it off, share it. With apps for photos and video, you’re always ready to
    capture the moment, at a moment’s notice.
    photo and video apps in the App Store


    Your hands will be anything
    but idle with these productivity apps that help you get organized and get
    things done.
    productivity apps in the App Store

    Social Networking

    Stay connected to the rest of
    the world with apps like Pinterest, Twitter, and more. You’ll be in the know,
    no matter what.
    social networking apps in the App Store


    Whatever your sport, there’s
    an app or two that can get you closer to the game and even help you improve
    your own.
    View sports apps in the App Store


    You’re going places. Or maybe
    you’d like to. Let iPhone and these great travel apps help get you there.

    View travel apps in the App

    SPEED Channel app, Follow NASCAR and other racing action on iPhone-Download


    Follow your favorite motor sports and racing action with the  SPEED Channel application…wherever you are!

    SPEED™, anchored by its popular and wide-ranging coverage of NASCAR and Formula 1 is the nation’s first and only cable television network dedicated to automotive and motorcycle racing, performance and lifestyle. SPEED, a member of the FOX Sports Media Group, is among the industry leaders in interactive TV, video on demand, mobile initiatives and broadband services.

    The SPEED Channel application delivers the latest breaking news, opinion, and expert commentary, along with race results, standings and schedules to the palm of your hand. Plus, you’ll find photo galleries and many of your favorite SPEED programs, in both video and audio formats. Programming selection will include SPEED shows such as SPEED Report, Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain, Pinks All Out, SPEED Engine Block, SPEED Last Laps, and more!

    • Free
    • Category: Sports Released: Sep 21, 2010
    • Version: 1.0
    • 1.0
    • Size: 2.1 MB
    • Language: English
    • Seller: SPEED Channel Inc.
    • © SPEED Channel Inc, all rights reserved

    Rated 4+

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

    Customer Ratings

    Current Version:

    37 Ratings

    Key Features:
    Breaking news and featured stories
    Race results, standings, and upcoming event information for your favorite sports, including:
    NASCAR (Sprint Cup Series, Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide Series);
    Formula One;
    Auto Racing (Indy Car Series, Le Mans Series, Grand American Racing Series, NHRA Drag Racing Series, etc);
    Motorcycle Racing (MotoGP & Moto2, World Superbike, AMA Supercross & Motocross, AMA Superbike & Supersport, etc).
    Video podcasts:
    Formula 1 Roundtables
    PINKS All Out & Pinks!
    SPEED Report
    WindTunnel with Dave Despain
    SPEED Last Laps
    SPEED Engine Block
    SPEED X Extreme Action Clips
    SPEED 2 Wheel Action Clips
    Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Highlight Clips
    Audio Podcasts
    SPEED Report (Full Audio)
    WindTunnel (Full Audio)
    NASCAR Beat: The Official Podcast of NASCAR
    Race Day on Fox Sports – SPEED Radio
    Weekly SPEED television programming schedule
    This application is optimized to bring you the most up to date information quickly and easily.




    Fox Networks Group Web Site The Official SPEED Channel App Support


    Block any phone number on your iPhone using $0.99 app!

    Use this method and … say bye bye to unwanted calls and telemarketers

    The following is a way for ATT cellphone subscribers with LOCKED iPhones to block specific telephone numbers. My battle against a particular nasty Telemarketing Company continues with some of their system calling me every couple of days. You too may have a number you’d like to block; a disgruntled ex, a bailiff or debt collector, your parole officer, or any other such “person non grata”.

    The bad news is that there is currently no way to block a particular phone number from calling your iPhone for FREE. Att appears to offer a paid service called “Smart Limits” that allows a user to block numbers but it’s $5 per month and why should we have to pay for this.


    The method I’m going to describe here is called the silent ringtone trick. Here it is in three easy steps:

    1. First download the silent ringtone app file Go to iTunes CLICK HERE for “Silent iPhone  Sound – Single app Download Only ($.99) – IMPORTANT — <<< DO NOT SIMPLY DOWNLOAD THE APP – FIRST YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR COMPUTER.

    Once you visit the site and download the app you will find instructions on how to add the app to your ringtones folder and then sync it to your iPhone.

    2. Next add the number that you wish to block to your Address book, give it a nice name like “Telemarketer Scum”, “Miffed Ex” or “Jonny Law”. If you’ve got a lot of numbers to block create one universal blocked call contact called Blocked and you can then add other numbers to it in future by the “Add to existing Contact” feature.

    3. Finally assign this secret Silent Ringtone to the just added Telemarketer or Miffed Ex. Voila! you’ll never be disturbed by them again.

    This method is not really a true way to block calls at the telephone exchange but really a workaround as you’ll still see their number in the Phone > Recents > Missed list BUT the phone will never again ring when they try to call and harass you, out of sound out of sight perhaps??!! I believe other phones such as the Treo have software to do this – so let’s hope that Apple  iPhone will add this as a user software feature in the future!

    FYI: At&t add on feature allows number blocking for $5 pm

    I was looking at my account online and was browsing under the Manage Tab > My Services > My Features and noticed an add on option called “Smart Limits for Wireless Parental Controls”  for the pricey sum of $5 per month.

    It mentions that this option can “Block/allow specific numbers that can be called or text messaged (incoming and outgoing)”  so perhaps this is what some of us have been looking for? This plan is mainly designed to lock down a phone a child’s phone for safety reasons but If anyone has tried it let me know.