Super Bowl XLVII Fan? Amazing iPhone App List for the NFL Fan!

Super Bowl XLVII, the 47th edition of the Super Bowl and the 43rd modern era National Football League championship game, is scheduled to be played in 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game will be held on February 3, 2013.

Win or lose, the nations NFL fans are always proud of their favorite team! When the kick-offs for the games for the rest of the current football season happen are you ready?  It’s past the time to to make the ultimate iPhone NFL set-up.  Check out some really cool NFL iPhone apps to check stats, game plays, rankings and more!


ESPN Score Center, ESPN

ESPN brings you scores from all your favorite sports teams. (Updated Dec. 9th 2009) Stay on top of the game with easy access to personalize your scoreboards.  scores, plays stats, leaderboards, box scores, and scoring summaries  When they are not playing football, you can follow as many as 500 of your favorite teams in other sports. Free
ESPN Fantasy Football 2009 Draft Kit, ESPN
(This app is currently not available in the US iTunes store)
ESPN Fantasy Football for 2009 – 2010 Draft Kit provides rankings for over 500 players right at your finger tips.  Players are sorted by name, rank and team with updates throughout the season.  Free
Fantasy Football Cheatsheet ’09, 290 Design, LLC

Fantasy Football Cheatsheet claims to be the best selling iPhone fantasy football app from 2009 and we can see why.  This version includes up to the minute injury info, player news, and complete team depth charts. (Updated August 27th 2009) You can easily search by player and team to locate on team roster. Different customizations are also available. $1.99
Pro Football  (NFL News, Scores & Stats), The Zumobi Network

Pro Football brings the latest news, stats and standings for this great American game! You will also find podcasts and blog content available so you will not miss a thing. (Updated Dec 4th 2009) Free
Weber on The Grill, Weber-Stephen Products, Co.

There is no better way to break in that brand new 60 inch plasma TV than to have your buddies over for Sunday football and a BBQ.    Weber on the Grill has over 250 tested recipes so all you need to do is go to the store and buy the list of ingredients you do not already have at home.  A check box lets you mark off what you have in the pantry or in your shopping cart.
(Updated October 29th 2009) $4.99
Pro Football Live, Plusmo, Inc.
Pro Football Live is great for any NFL fan.  This app gives you up-to-the-minute coverage when you are looking for the scores or want to hear a playback. It also allows users to chat live with other fans and friends throughout the game. (Updated Dec. 28th 2009) Free
Pizza Finder,, LLC.

When you run out of those tasty chicken wings and other appetizers or just want to serve that delicious hot Italian pie, open Pizza Finder to locate the nearest pizza joint to you. (Updated Dec. 9th 2009) Free
Pro Football Quiz 101, Quizner’s

Test your knowledge of football trivia with Pro Football Quiz 101.  Practice before game day so when your friends come over, you will ace each question as you play during commercials.  There are 50 questions in each of the five quiz packs. (Updated Sept. 1st 2009) $0.99

Extreme Paper Football, Villainous Software, LLC.

It has been a long time since I have seen paper footballs fly across the desks in school and now you can have on your very own iPhone.  There are three levels of difficulties, four quarters of play, and guaranteed to be entertaining at the very least. (Updated Dec. 5th 2009) $0.99
College Football Live!, Plusmo, Inc.

Get your complete live coverage of college football games with play-by-play action.  You can personalize to receive up-to-date news and photos for your favorite team. (Updated Oct. 9th 2009) Free
PocketSports Football Lite, Solus Games

For those days when there are no football games on TV, you can play PocketSports Football Lite.  That’s right, throw passes, run the ball, play defense and now kick a field goal. (Updated Feb. 9th 2009) Free
Blitz Football Pro Coresoft, Inc

Enjoy five different playing levels including High School, College, Pro, All-star and Endless blitz.  There are cool graphics with a 3D field, real life ball physics and even a Hail Mary mode.  If you had fun playing iQuarterback or Atari Football, you’ll love PocketSports Football Lite. (Updated October 16th 2009) $2.99

Madden 2010 just released from EA Sports

How can anyone go without the latest and greatest of Madden Football? With each release, EA brings you the most realistic football possible for the platform and the Madden 2010 for your iPhone is no different.  You control the game your routes and your players.  After a few seconds to load the game, you are ready for some action! (Updated Jan 11th 2010) $7.99
Nothing can replace the excitement of watching or playing football, but these NFL iphone apps can certainly get you ready for the rest of the season!

10 iPhone Apps to Help Lose Weight [9 are FREE]

Even if you didn’t make a resolution to lose weight this year, you probably have some fitness goals you would like to achieve in the new year. To help, i have put together a list of the top 10 iPhone apps to help you lose weight and get into shape. (9 of them are FREE)!


From calorie trackers to fitness tutorials, you can find pretty much anything you could ever want for managing your diet, weight, and fitness goals — best of all, they’re all free. Now you have no more excuses. Download one or more of these apps and get going. Here’s to staying motivated in 2010!

Calorie Tracker


Calorie conscious? Calorie Tracker is an incredibly handy free app from, Lance Armstrong’s health and fitness website. Users can look up and track daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake.

The app pulls from’s Daily Plate nutritional database with over 450,000 food and restaurant items. And if you want your physical activity to factor into the mix, just use the app to calculate burned calories for a variety of exercises. Users can also use the app in conjunction with the website for support groups, forums, and Q&A. ($2.99)

Lose It!

Lose It Daily Calorie Budget

Set goals, create a daily calorie budget, record food and exercise, and view graphs of progress with this full-featured weight management app. After you enter your stats, you can create a custom plan, with an end date in mind, based on how much weight you want to lose per week. So for my weight loss goal, should I stick to my 1279 daily calorie budget, my loss should be realized by April 17 of this year.

Since the app is incredibly easy to use and approaches weight loss in an easy way for me to manage, I think I’m going to stick with this one until I reach my goal; I’ll let you know how that goes. (FREE)


40.30.30 iPhone app

Calorie trackers are great, but how do you make sure that you’re getting the right nutritional balance? The 40·30·30 app is a one trick pony that will really come in handy if you need to quickly calculate the percentage of carbs, protein, and fats in your meal.

Just scroll through the weight (in grams) options for each nutritional element to view your ratio. (FREE)

iPump Free Workout

iPump Video

Created by Exercise Physiologist, Declan Condron, this free alternative to iPump, has two full body workouts targeting major muscle groups, as well as sample exercises from each of the other iPump apps.

Each workout is designed specifically for maximum results, and lets users listen to music, watch video demonstrations for each exercise, and record activity to a workout log as they go.

(This app currently not available in US iTunes store)


StepTrackLite pedometer

When logging activity just doesn’t cut it, use StepTrackLite as a simple pedometer to measure and track physical activity while strolling, walking, or running.

The app works whether your iPhone is in your pocket, on your belt, or even in your backpack, and you can listen to music as you get your workout on.  (FREE)


iMapMyRun tracker

iMapMyRun utilizes the iPhone’s GPS technology for real-time distance, time, pace, and speed tracking. It even integrates with Twitter, should you want a quick way to advertise your fitness regime.

Once you setup your account (you can use an existing account), you can save your runs, bike rides, and walks to a training log, with maps, for future reference. Additional features include the ability to sync with the website and use voice feedback to coach you as you go. Note: as with all apps like this, you do need to leave the app open for the entirety of the workout. (FREE)


iSPINNING iPhone app

Mountain and road biking fanatics listen up, iSPINNING is powerful app that lets you design workouts to see and track heart rate, time in target zones, calories burned, cadence, speed, distance, and power.

The app is compatible with a variety of fitness sensors, and lets you customize your workout dashboard metrics for each ride. You will need additional hardware, like the SMHEART LINK, for creating a wireless bridge between your iPhone and your fitness sensor. (FREE)

Pret-a-Yoga Lite

pret-a-yoga iPhone app

Pret-a-Yoga Lite is the perfect app for yoga beginners who might be threatened by the gym environment, or advanced yogis looking to take their routine on the go.

Pret-a-Yoga Lite is like having your own personal yoga instructor, minus the slightly awkward touching, to guide you through each breathe and pose with both images and audio instructions. (FREE)


2Fat BMI Calculator

If all you need is to calculate your body fat percentage and BMI, then the 2Fat app might be just the right fit.

The scroll wheels make it incredibly simple and fast to use. All you need to do is select your sex, weight, and waist measurement and wait for the bad news. (FREE)



If you need to take a quick heart rate census during or after a tough workout, use Heartbeat to help you manually track your heart beats per minute (bpm).

To calculate your heart’s bpm, just tap the heart on the screen every time your heart beats — it’s that easy. The app would be incredibly cool if it could automatically calculate your heart rate, but it still is a handy tool for heart rate monitoring on the run. (FREE)

iPhone Version 4 in April With OLED, Video-Calling?

This is hot stuff, so it needs to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism, but the Korea Times is reporting–with extreme confidence–that the fourth gen iPhone will be on sale in April, with a pile of new features.


Of course we know Apple’s been working on the next-gen iPhone for ages due to natural product development cycles, and clues in the form of iPhone v4 browser identity codes have even turned up in some Web site logs. But apart from lots of speculation, we’ve heard nothing concrete–as we’d actually expect from Apple’s rigid security practices.

And now here’s the Korea Times mentioning apparent talks between Apple and local cell-phone provider and exclusive Apple vendor, KT. “Still there are some 3G iPhone stocks. But KT and Apple have reached a broad consensus to introduce the advance models as early as possible” are the words attributed to an anonymous KT executive.

That’s possibly believable, even if talking about this stuff is likely to be breaching many an Apple NDA. And yet it tells us nothing about the new phone itself. But hang on: The same exec also told the newspaper that there’ll be OLED screens, live video chat powers (implying a long-awaited front Webcam), and maybe even a removable battery. There was also talk about dual core processors, better graphics chips for higher resolutions, and better still imagery from the rear-facing cam. And it’s all due April at the earliest–as a test launch to select users, and to the public in June.

And though some of this is highly plausible, and even agrees with some rumors about OLED we’ve heard before, and recent mention of Apple buying millions of 5-megapixel cameras and Philips LED flash for better iPhone imagery, it all sounds too good to be true.

According to a AppleInsider report, “Apple has ordered significant amount of LED camera flash components for the year 2010 that could help the next-generation iPhone 4G to produce better image and video recording in low-light situations.

Philips LEXEON LED flash technology may already have secured the orders for the expected LED camera flash components for the iPhone 4G, the report says.

This report is also inline with the earlier reports where OmniVision secured the orders from Apple to supply 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors for the next Gen iPhone 4G.

As an iPhone owner, you would know how frustrating it is to take photos in the dim-light with your iPhone.

Having competitors like Motorola DROID, HD2 and Nexus One from Google, featuring a high Res camera with LED flash in the upcoming iPhone 4G is what situation requires from Apple if they want to see their baby’s growth in future.

The next generation iPhone is expected to be unveiled at the annual WWDC 2010 conference featuring iPhone OS 4.0.

Some of this is bound to be in the next iPhone–but all of it? That goes against Apple’s careful incremental update strategy for the device so far. And though moving the iPhone forward to an April launch from its more normal late-Spring cycle would certainly help Apple steal some of the thunder from the Nexus One and other upcoming Android phones, isn’t it a bit close to the purported launch date of the iSlate?

Confused ? Skeptical ? But admit it – this is very intriguing.

Download Labyrinth2 or new Labyrinth2 Lite FREE Edition for iPhone


You can download the full version of Labyrinth on the App Store. If you want to try it out for free you can get Labyrinth Lite Edition first.

Labyrinth Lite is also available on the Android Market and the full version is $4.99.

Labyrinth Lite Screen shots below.



Labyrinth2 Features

  • Over 1000 levels (full version).
  • 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) gameplay.
  • Shadows.
  • Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makes it possible to slide on a hole edge without falling.
  • A carpenter level with calibration.
  • Autosaving of completed levels.
  • Easy starting levels for newbie players.
  • Sound.
  • Tactile feedback.
  • Option to delete level packs.
  • 3d-walls, changing perspective when tilting phone.
  • + Many more…

Click here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection on iPhone!

Sega Unveils Official Genesis Emulator for iPhone: Ultimate Genesis – First looks at Shining Force, Ecco the Dolphin, and others…

Original iPhone and iPod touch titles have broken new ground for portable gaming, yet some of the most popular games have been the oldest.

Emulators and ports of classic games have an eager following, which makes Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection a brilliant answer to the demand. It’s a great concept unique to iPhone thanks to in-app purchasing.


Rather than charging for a full anthology of games, Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection will be offered as a free download from within which you can download emulated games. Drawing from a library packed with forgotten gems, Sega promises the opportunity to pick out the ones you want without being charged for games you don’t.



The core application comes with one free title – Space Harrier II – but a handful of others will be available for download the day of release: Sonic The Hedgehog, Shining Force, Golden Axe, and Ecco the Dolphin. We were able to play four of the games.

Space Harrier II

Included free with the core application, Space Harrier II is a respectable demonstration of old skool arcade action, though it’s not the most compelling example of what Genesis has to offer nor the best in terms of control. It’s unsurprisingly not as natural as using the original Genesis pad, yet does manage a modicum of basic control.

Much of the challenge comes in the lack of precision afforded the D-pad, which is also tough in Sonic The Hedgehog. Of course, it’s included free so lodging complaints seems overkill. Expect to spend money on buying something more compelling.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Not much has been altered from the standalone version released last May, which is a good thing considering the decent work done to ensure this classic is playable on iPhone and iPod touch. Thankfully the bug fixes applied in the v1.1 update to the standalone game are intact here. That means performance optimisation for older handsets.

Still, touch controls aren’t the most ideal way to play Sonic The Hedgehog. In fact, we’re keen to recommend playing it on a platform with physical buttons given the speedy gameplay. What really concerns us, though, is the steep price: $5.99. That’s way too rich for the game that’s already been released once before on the App Store.

Shining Force

Out of the four games played, Shining Force felt best suited to the touchscreen. It’s not much of a surprise considering the turn-based gameplay is far easier to control than twitchy Sonic or Space Harrier II.

The interface consists of a Genesis-style D-pad opposite A and B buttons situated in the bottom-right corner. Oddly, the directional pad appears at centre-left when playing in full screen mod: however, reverting to the alternate windowed view moves it to the lower-left corner.

Since the pad covers a good portion of the action in full screen mode, it will likely be best to play it in windowed mode.

Story-driven questing also makes it the longest game of the bunch. Obviously, the mechanics are rudimentary compared to contemporary tactical role-playing games, but for $2.99 it’ll be a solid deal.

Ecco the Dolphin

Speed is important in Ecco the Dolphin, but not in the same twitchy way as Sonic and so it fares much better with touch controls as a result. In fact, it felt pretty decent with the configuration: D-pad on the left and three buttons for sonar, sprint, and acceleration.

The game looks pretty good too – best of the bunch, to be sure. Our concern with Ecco has more to do with its legendary difficulty than anything else. In line with Shining Force, Ecco will be $2.99.

All four games, along with Golden Axe, will be available for download within Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection come February.

Click on images below to view larger images


Pants on the Ground: American Idol Season 9’s First Viral Moment [VIDEO]

Paula’s gone and Simon has one foot out the door, but nine seasons in, American Idol can still be counted on to deliver viral video gold. The latest William Hung heir apparent is 62-year-old Larry Platt, who auditioned in my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia.

Platt, clearly too old for the show (but entertaining nonetheless) auditioned with his own song, “Pants on the Ground.” Check out the Fox-provided video below:

The video is quickly becoming viral, with this YouTube copy garnering more than 151,000 views in just over 12 hours. As for Larry, BuzzFeed might be impressed, but he’s just one in a million singing guys straight out of Five Points to me. Catchy or not, “Pants on the Ground” is no “MARTA Bus.”

What do you think? Are you watching Idol this year? Let us know!

Wilderness Survival iPhone Style & Info on “TickDoctor” Tick Identification Atlas App

If you scan the list of top iPhone apps, you might be forgiven for thinking that the device, like adolescence, is mostly for playing videogames, making rude noises and connecting to Facebook.

However, a more thorough examination of the digital delectables on offer in the app store will reveal that, far from being merely a plaything that receives phone calls — as long as you don’t live in rural Montana or my neighborhood — the iPhone is actually a hard-core survival tool.



Imagine that you’re stranded on your stock desert island, charged with surviving until the Globetrotters, your superiors at FedEx or the Smoke Monster finds you. And suppose that, for some reason, this island is equipped with a USB port for charging.

Well, then, as long as you have your trusty iPhone, you needn’t fear hypothermia, malaria or starvation. You just need the right apps. Let’s take a look, shall we?


I’ve used lots of electronic devices as flashlights: Nintendo DS, PalmPilot and once, in the ’80s, I tried using one of those LED football games. The iPhone, however, is my first device — outside of an actual flashlight — with a dedicated flashlight mode. (Inside a flashlight, it’s too dark to read.) There are so many flashlight apps for the iPhone that developers are actually adding features to differentiate their products and earn your precious download. You can buy all sorts of colored disco-strobe flashlight apps, in case you want to travel treacherous pathways at night while listening to “Umbrella.”

Mosquito repellents

Until we reach the day that the iPhone can dispense quinine (second quarter 2012 by most estimates), the only way the gadget can help fend off malaria during your island sojourn is by keeping mosquitoes away. These supposed bug-banning apps emit a high-pitched noise that most people over 40 can’t hear. However, I remain skeptical about whether biting insects of any sort are repelled by high-pitched noises, unless you’re being bothered by the rare-but-majestic Self-Loathing Mosquito.

Hand warmers

There are two different hand-warming apps in the iPhone store, each of which does the same thing: Ask the iPhone’s CPU “What is love?” so that it spins into a Trek-like tizzy of futile calculation, which warms your phone up and makes everyone in your Contacts sweat like a missionary. Almost guaranteed to not cut your iPhone’s life by more than 50 percent! I can attest that the TomTom GPS app does the same thing, so if you feel like spending 60 bucks on a hand warmer, you can.

Army survival guides

I assume there’s a public domain Army survival guide out there, because there are at least three apps available that reprint it in electronic form. Not only will this guide tell you how to build shelter and find fresh water, it reveals which kind of face camouflage is best in areas with lots of coniferous trees. (Slash patterns, duh.) On the plus side, it helps keep you alive, but it also might make you wish you were marooned someplace more exciting. As public domain works go, Pride and Prejudice is less likely to help you survive a snake bite, but the Army survival guide lacks that dreamy Mr. Darcy. It’s really a personal choice.

Hunting calls

You’re warm, well-lit, protected from mosquitoes and adequately camouflaged. At some point, you’re probably going to want to eat. And you’re going to want to eat meat, because seriously nobody wants to hear that you ate grubs to survive. That’s like knowing that astronauts wear diapers. So you’re going to want one of these apps that makes noises that attract animals. One of the more expensive ones can attract — among other animals — coyotes and raccoons. I assume that’s not so you can eat them, but rather so you can summon them both and watch them fight.

TickDrAppStoreButton(button above opens iTunes)

TickDoctor: Tick Identification Atlas

This app helps you identify any tick you come across, with detailed photos of them, both in their normal and their glistening, blood-engorged states. This will have obvious wilderness survival benefits if you accidentally eat something poisonous and need to induce vomiting.

iPhone users – 2010 Consumer Electronics Show Recap Inside Gaming + other Videos!

CES1 The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off last week and the predominant themes were connectivity and mobility. Mobile devices such as new Android devices and tablet computers were the big focus. Check out some videos and product information and some details  or some iphone products introduced at the show. See show recap videos below: check out the gaming review video below.

Post Show recap videos:

CES Vid_1

CES Vid_2

23 Awesome New Innovative Scosche iphone products, (must see)!

I wish I could carry an extra iPod cable with me at all times, poised and ready to bail out a friend’s dying iPhone or transfer music to my iPod.

That’s why I freaked when I saw the $20 FlipSync cable on display at the Scosche booth at CES. They boiled Apple’s cable down to a little keychain, placing an iPod connector on one end, and on the other end, a USB plug whittled down to just the pins. No, it’s not glamorous, but as someone who’s constantly keeping track of iPod cables, this thing looks like a godsend.


The FlipSync is due out in the first quarter, along with a smartphone version that doles out both mini and micro USB. To see more iPod accessories Scosche has on the horizon, head on through the rest of this post.

The Scosche tapSTICK gives the third-generation Apple iPod Shuffle some badly needed buttons. Current models exist in either black or white, but a new transparent version is in the works that allows the Shuffle’s color to show through.


The clear version of the Scosche tapSTICK is due out Q1 of 2010 for approximately $29.

The Scosche reviveLITE II improves on the original iPod and iPhone wall charger by moving the built-in dock to the front (from the side) and adding an additional USB port.



The reviveLITE II is due out Q1 of 2010 for approximately $25.

The IDR655m earphones with tapLINE II Remote and mic are compatible with the iPhone and latest generation iPods. Unlike Apple’s headphone line, the IDR655m places the remote midway down the cable where the wires split, which some users may find more convenient.


The IDR655m headphones are due out Q1 of 2010 for approximately $100.


The Audio Customs Collection features graffiti-inspired prints and bold colors. The iPhone cases are displayed here and will likely go for around $15.


This collection also includes a pair of over-the-ear headphones. From the printed headband and earpads to the wire adjustment loops, this set screams style.


There’s also a pair of portable desktop speakers, a category that tends to get left out in the cold when it comes to fashion-forward design.


The company’s Crystal Clear Collection is far less inspired. Swarovski crystals have been done to death in audio accessories.


The line includes in-ear and over-the-head headphones in a variety of colors. Pricing ranges from $19.99 to $49.99.


iPhone and iPod cases will also be offered. These are clearly aimed at young females and will be priced from $12.99 to $29.99.


iWave’s Urban Collection is more understated than either of the previous two, but it still puts forth a certain fashion sense. Full-size headphones like those pictured here will run about $14.99 to $39.99.


This line will also include some neat-looking compact speakers ($19.99 to $29.99), as well as earbuds and iPod cases that will range in price from $9.99 to $29.99.


Finally, there’s iWave’s Grass Roots Collection, which features products made from reusable, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials like plastic, wood, and bamboo.


However, wooden headphones and earbuds are nothing new. Earbuds and cases will be available at prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 in the second quarter of this year.


The main design characteristic of the Grass Roots Collection is the subtle contrast between the rustic wood-grain finish and the smooth earthy tones, which is meant to appeal to nature-enthusiasts.

Ion iType



Click HERE to get on email mailing list and you will be notified when this product is available for sale, should be in early Spring 2010!

Price: $70

The iType is an iPhone- or iPod Touch-compatible keyboard that gives users the advantage of full-sized keys for extended typing sessions. Granted, it seems to defeat the purpose of the iPod or iPhone’s pocket-sized mobility, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to give it a try.

Ion Twin Video


Price: TBD

The Ion Twin Video allows you to capture both your world and your reaction to it, using picture-in-picture technology. Includes live-editing features such as picture swap, split screen, and picture-in-picture.

Ion iDiscover keyboard



Price: TBD

The Ion iDiscover keyboard transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a music creation studio. The 25-note keyboard is meant to be used with Ion’s own iPhone app, which offers more than two dozen sounds.

Ion Tape Express



Price: TBD

The Ion Tape Express offers one of the easiest and smallest ways to transfer your old cassette tapes to MP3. The USB-equipped portable cassette player includes EZ Tape Converter software that guides you through the conversion process and imports your recordings directly into iTunes.

Ion Palmtrack



Price: TBD

The Ion Palmtrack is a handheld audio recorder with built-in microphones that can capture sound in stereo or omnidirectional modes. Recordings are made to SD or SDHC memory cards. Line-input recording is also included.

Ion Anyroom



Price: TBD

The Ion Anyroom speaker system wirelessly receives sound from your iPod or iPhone using a dock-connected transmitter. The system is expandable for multiple rooms, and the wireless audio uses a proprietary CD-quality transmission method.

Blue Microphones Mikey


Blue Microphones’ updated Mikey USB mic adds 3.5mm input recording to an already great gadget. Like the original, the second-generation mic offers three gain settings that control a pair of custom-tuned stereo microphone capsules. There’s also a basic built-in windscreen inside the retro-styled microphone enclosure. Plus, the Mikey can create stereo recordings with the built-in voice memo recorder on various iPods.

View Ion Audio Website