Apple already field testing the next generation iPhone


References to the unreleased “iPhone3,1”, (see info at the bottom of this post) were first found back in August in iPhone firmware files, but this is the first time that evidence that the next generation iPhone (or at least a prototype) has already been created. A similar situation occurred last year, as Apple had also began testing the iPhone 3GS in October of 2008. Also, just like last year, the testing had likely taken place and was focused in the San Francisco Bay Area, close to where Apple’s headquarters is located.


iBART, public transportation guide app for the San Francisco train systemiProd3-1_3


Pandav, an iPhone development company, has noticed that an unreleased iPhone model has been using one of their apps, according to their app’s analytics. The app, iBART, is a public transportation guide for the San Francisco train system, and uses PinchMedia for usage statistics and other analytics. PinchMedia works by breaking down customer app usage and what specific device models are being used, and this is how the unreleased iPhone was spotted. “iPhone 3,1,” an unreleased iPhone model as the current 3GS model is known as iPhone 2,1, showed up in Pandav’s usage logs this month.

Nothing is known for sure at this point regarding what features the next generation iPhone might include, although there have been rumors about a multi-core processor which would enhance the iPhone’s performance tremendously. Verizon has also been rumored to get the iPhone as early as mid-2010 (close to when the next iPhone should be released), although the validity of this is uncertain, especially due to the whole AT&T vs. Verizon feud that has been going on.


iphone 3.1 usb plist

The recently seeded iPhone OS 3.1 beta contains a particularly interesting plist file. In the “USBDeviceConfiguration.plist” file, lies a previously unseen device: the “iProd1,1.”  This new name harkens back to a few months ago, when an “iPhone3,1” appeared in a plist file. Months later, we were given the now-current iPhone model. 

So what could this mysterious “iProd” be? Given recent news, it may very well be further confirmation of the slowly less mysterious iTablet, (see info below), that has been rumored to exist.  However, as Ars Technica suggests, “It’s just as possible it may refer to the camera-equipped iPod nano, though we doubt such a device would run iPhone OS. And who knows, it might even be an iPhone nano.”

We all know we could be in for anything, especially with Apple!  Stay tuned, we’re in for a treat!

 Apple tablet exists, says analyst

apple tablet

Barron’s (a Wall Street Journal subsidiary, so be forewarned) is reporting that an “analyst” has “… seen first-hand a prototype slate-style computer from Apple.” According to this analyst, the device will retail between $699 and $799, filling in the price gap between the 32G iPhone and white MacBook. It will launch in November, following an official announcement in September. If Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research is to be believed, the device will fulfill a plethora of multimedia functions—from supposedly impressive high-def video playback to gaming.

Even more impressive is that fact that, purportedly, ODMs (original device makers) have ceased their own designs, and are instead opting to wait for Apple’s tablet before making any further moves.

Finally, the “iTablet” is supposedly awaiting the final go ahead by Steve Jobs. But until Apple formally announces it, this can still be filed under “rumors.”

Cro-Mag Rally iPhone App ON SALE: $1.99


Cro-Mag Rally is an interesting Mario Kart kind of arcade kart game set in prehistoric times (think The Flintstones). Much more arcade fun than racing action, it provides some entertainment though it seems like it’s just not all tied together. While the core game play is there, it lacks any of the usual play modes, high scores, or goal systems. There’s no circuit/grand prix methods or even high score records.

Cro-Mag does include 11 different vehicles and 9 different tracks to play. In addition to the standard race mode there is a gather mode where you try to gather arrowheads. Both are fun and well done. It seems as though the gather mode needs some sort of high score record. And the race mode needs some circuit mode to allow you to progress through the different tracks toward a goal. All of the races are very easy to win and just one off. The real key is hitting the speed-ups consistently to win. The races all include various power-ups as is expected in kart type games.

The controls are good, the usual tilt the device to steer. In addition you use on screen controls to forward / reverse, braking, and activating the power ups.





Currently Cro-Mag Rally is the best deal of all of the racing games in the App Store. It provided some solid arcade fun for the price of $1.99. Though the most I could justify, lacking some of the expected play modes, would be a little more than that. What I really hope is that Cro-Mag expands this offering to add more play modes and methods of competition and maybe even online play. That would make this a truly great game.

Price: $2.99 ON SALE: $1.99


Billy Frontier iPhone App ON SALE: $0.99


Billy Frontier is set of 3D mini-games set as a space cowboy action game. This game consists of 4 different mini-games all featuring Billy Frontier, the hero of our story.

Mini-game 1: Shootout — in this mini-game you are wandering the streets and shooting at the bad guys while collecting coins and extra ammo. You have to get to the end before your shield runs out (from getting shot at). This mini-game holds the most promise of the four. But it just gets maddening at times due to the control system.

You point at the screen where you want to shoot — tap to shoot — drag on the screen to aim your sight. At times you have a very small target area to hit for the imprecise control system used. Some work needs to be done to fix up the controls. I might suggest a 2 finger shooting system — one finger held to the screen to control the placement of the sight and a second to trigger a shot. I don’t know if that’s the answer, but better controls or larger targets are needed.

Mini-game 2: Stampede — this mini-game is pretty simple — guide the ever running Billy left and right by tilting the phone. Avoid the kanga-cows and collect coins for extra points. There are also chiles throughout the course that you can run over to give you extra speed. To complete this level you need to finish first. A fun little game but each level is perhaps a little too long.

Mini-game 3: Target Practice — in this mini game, various objects are thrown up in the air, and you shoot them. Simple? Yeah, but fun. You shoot ammo boxes to stock up on bullets. The level ends when you run out of ammo, time, or your shield goes to zero. Shoot TNT barrels and your shield goes down. Shoot a skull and you die. To complete the level you need to live until the timer runs out. Fun, good graphics and sound.

Mini-game 4: Dueling — this is the one mini-game that doesn’t really fit in with the others. When you start this game there is a mini movie going on the screen that you just can’t seem to stop. You are shown a series of shapes at the bottom and you must hit the corresponding shapes on the sides of the screen in the same order, quickly. Very quickly. I’ve only managed to get past one of these levels before the inevitable happens, Billy gets it. This mini-game is too difficult, I think, and not an arcade game like the others. It’s more of a Dance Dance Revolution pattern game. Again the control system is a little rough — taps sometimes are not registered — which leads to a missed pattern and lost time.









Here’s a YouTube video that gives you an overview of the game.

While the game is not without it’s control difficulties, it is a good, diverse game that is well rendered in 3D. Having the 4 mini-games provides good value for the price. When this game was initially released it was priced at 50% off for a couple days. At that price this game is a steal! Here’s hoping that the minor control difficulties can be worked out to make this a truly great game.

Price: $3.99 ON SALE: $0.99



Nanosaur 2 iPhone game app on Sale $0.99


Nanosaur 2 is a well developed flying/shooting arcade game

Imagine this, if you will. It’s way in the future and dinosaurs once again rule the world, but, they are more technologically advanced than we are. Your race travelled back in time to grab eggs of your ancestors to help re-populate your future race? Wow, huh? Anyway, very odd story (obviously drug induced), but it turns out to be a fairly interesting gather and shoot game.

You are a flying dinosaur, pterodactyl I would assume, flying around this futuristic / pre-historic world gathering eggs and destroying other dinosaurs and various planet defenses. The flying controls are pretty good — but the game itself can be rather difficult. Some tight squeezes that you have to fly through. The on-screen controls are overly complex and confusing — you can see from the screenshots below that it is riddled with different controls.

Your goal is to collect unhatched dinosaur eggs and deliver them to worm holes while avoiding or destroying planet defenses and other dinosaurs. Shooting is fairly good and auto-targets. It can be difficult at times to get that last egg and move on to the next level.







Nanosaur 2 is a pretty good and interesting arcade game and for $1.99 it’s a pretty good value. The graphics are great for an iPhone game. I just wish the game had a little more variety and a sane story.

Normal Price: $3.99 ON SALE: $0.99


Enigmo 2 iphone app on sale $0.99



Enigmo 2 will anger you in unimaginable ways, but you will keep playing. I liken the experience to a typical game of golf. No matter how bad you do, you’ll keep playing. It’s just so pretty, inviting, and ultimately fulfilling.

Read more:


Nothing in the world drives me more insane that puzzles, because knowing that I can’t solve something makes me just a tad bit insane. Typically puzzles involve some kind of order or knowledge… from ‘paper’ puzzles like crossword puzzles and Sudoku puzzles to digital puzzles like Tetris and Myst, they all make you think slightly outside the box.


There are typically boundaries and rules given to make the experience controlled, but still challenging. What’s nice about puzzles is that you can take them at face value. You see a Sudoku puzzle, or even a game like Myst for that matter, and you know what you are getting. Enigmo 2 is the most cruel of all these puzzles because it throws things at you that just seem impossible.


A little background first. Pangea, the creators of Enigmo and Enigmo 2, have been making games for Apple computers for years, most (if not all) of which are ported onto your favorite iDevice. Most of their games are shooters of some variety, most of which are 3rd person 3D adventures, but they seemed to have struck gold with the Enigmo series. In 2003, Enigmo was the most popular game put out by Pangea because of its visual simplicity but ultimate vicious complexity. In the beginning months of the App Store, Enigmo was a certified hit, making people that had no interest in the iPhone think twice. People would play a few levels, get sucked in, and then cry themselves to sleep when they got stuck. It happened to me, so I’m sure it happened to you. The nice thing about Enigmo was that there were boundaries. It was hard as all get out, but you knew that, with the tools at your disposal, you could get the little water droplets to do your bidding.

Enigmo 2 is a bit different from the first Enigmo, because I’m never quite sure if my goal is even possible. I mean, I’m sure it is, but wrapping my head around the game is painful at times. Each level is presented to you in outer space, with the puzzle spinning towards you like an out of control Mir Spacestation. The puzzles themselves aren’t really so different than those in the first Enigmo, other than the fact that you have full 3D control over placement, adding much added frustration to the experience. Its almost necessary to view everything from all angles, just so you know you get the right part in the right place.


The goal of the game, just like the original, is to get whatever substance you have (water, lasers, or plasma) into its corresponding receptacle, which is probably hidden behind a shield or a wall. Each level gives you a certain amount of items to move the substances around with, including great items such as drums, mirrors, and slides, along with some triggers on the walls that must be hit for certain things to happen. As early as level 6, there is this button that changes the gravity of an area, making things go up instead of down. So it goes. As mentioned earlier, each of these items can now be rotated in 3D, giving you depth (or infinite frustration) that you definitely didn’t have in the first Enigmo. Once again, just to pound this into your head, each level, all 50 of them, is entirely in 3D… I just want you to grasp this.

Aside from the puzzle aspect, the game is really quite pretty. Being 3D, the graphics have quite a bit more depth than they did on the first game. Along with the structures, the effects of some of the substances, particularly the lasers and the plasma, are really nice on the eyes. The outer space background also provides a nice, uncluttered background for the madness before you. The sound is also a nice and calming, lulling you to be half as mad as you really should be. I tried turning off the sound and listening to my own music, but anything more angry than Nick Drake will certainly make you want to go insane.




Overall, I’d say that Enigmo 2 is a must have experience for any veteran puzzle solver/Enigmo fan. If you are weak of mind/ have little patience/ have children, I would definitely try a different game. Maybe one with guns and havoc. The game is definitely kid-friendly, as long as you don’t let your kid play too long. I promise that a 10 year old Chris Hall would have thrown the iPhone into a wall, regardless of how much trouble I would’ve gotten into. At the time of the review, Enigmo 2 is only $2.99, making it an absolute must buy, assuming you don’t have to spend another $200 fixing the screen after a bout of anger. For less than the price of a $6 Teriyaki Burger at Carl’s Junior, this one can be yours… all yours.

Download Downloadbutton

On Sale: Normally $2.99, NOW $0.99 !

iPhone Apps That Save You Money

With the holiday season right around the corner and the fact that we are in one of the worst economic recessions in a long time it only makes sense to find ways to save money everywhere you can. And if you are one of 30 million iPhone owners then you already know there are some great apps that can help save you a few bucks along the way. Here are three:



Red Laser App Download

This has been the number 1 paid for app in the itunes store and for good reason. It utilizes the iPhone camera and actually turns it into a barcode reader. Now when you’re out and about shopping and you see something you like you can pull out your iPhone scan the barcode and the Red Laser app will automatically searches Amazon and Google Product Search for the best online prices for the item you scanned. Never pay too much for a consumer good again!













Pennies App Download

Since I am an avid change collector I had to investigate this app. This one helps you build and stay on a budget. With just a few taps you can enter your monthly budget plan and track your daily expenses. Every time you spend money on something you enter it into your iPhone. You can track everything in different categories so you know where every penny has gone. It then helps you analyze how your doing by highlighting your top expenses and will report how much you have forked out in each category. If you’re like me then each penny matters and now you can see just where they went and how many you have left!












App Sniper App Download

Ok – as a die hard iPhone addict and user I had to include this money saving app as well. If you are continuously going back to the App store checking out the newest apps then you will love this app too! It allows you to check and see which apps are on sale and gives you notifications when the apps your interested in hit a target price.

There you are, armed with three new great apps all designed to help save you money one way or another. Be sure to visit our web site for other cool app and game reviews along with really cool 3g iPhone downloads!












FREE PandoraBox App– Finds Free and on Sale iPhone Apps!

You might wonder how we find all the free or on sale iPhone & iPod Touch apps.

Today, I am going to let out my secret. The fact is, there are more than one such app but this is what I have used in recent days.

PandoraBox is an iPhone app that tracks iPhone apps on sale.


With more than 100,000 apps in the App Store and everyday dozens of these apps either go on sale by 20, 30, 70, 80 percent on sale or even sometimes goes FREE for a limited time.

A smart iPhoner would make use of such sales and grab the iPhone apps on a nice deal.

An app like Pandora Box makes that such an easy task. You can see the apps that are on sale that are updated several times a day. You can see the description of apps that are on sale or free.

You can also create your own list of favorite apps and track apps you want to find on sale.

There are a few sneaky developers who keep throwing their app on sale and removing it flooding these lists. PandoraBox has an answer to that. You can block certyain authors you don’t care about seeing in the list.

With the Thanksgiving holidays coming up in the US, there is going to be a ton of sales with some nice apps.

Will you be ready?

I have another similar iPhone app deal finding app review coming up. Stay tuned.


IMG_10012 IMG_10011 IMG_10010 IMG_10009

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Availability: App Store [iTunes link]

Price: Free

Twitter launches iPhone Payment acceptance system-scans credit card info

iphone Payment acceptance system
Several months ago, we learned that Twitter’s inventor and chairman, Jack Dorsey, was working on a brand new project, his first after stepping down as Twitter’s CEO. Soon his new project was revealed to be the Square iPhone Payment System, which intends to replace credit cards with payments via your phone.

We’ve just learned that Jack and his team have launched the Web site for the new project, It’s a beta Web site that explains the benefits of the Square iPhone payment system, as well as the ability to log into the SquareUp system…if you have a beta account.

Here are some screenshots of the device and the Web site:







  • 0 to $60 in under 10 seconds.

  • Start accepting payment cards immediately with Square. No contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Effortlessly manage all the money you take with an easy and intuitive interface.
  • CCard_S2

  • Pay quickly, securely.

    Create a Square payer account to speed up and secure every payment. With photo verification, Square users can visually confirm you are the card holder.

  • CCard_S3

  • Swipe it.

    Read payment cards from any device with an audio input jack, including your mobile phone. Accepting payments has never been faster or more convenient.

  • CCard_S4

  • Get real rewards.

    If you frequent a place that accepts Square, we’ll let them know you’re a repeat customer. That 10th cappuccino may be on the house, no paper coffee card required.

  • CCard_S5

  • Text and email receipts. Lose the paper.

    As a payer, get your receipts sent to your email or mobile phone instantly and access them securely online. You can also use a text message to authorize every payment in real-time. View sample

  • CCard_S6

  • Do well by doing good.

    Square will donate a penny of every transaction you take to a cause of your choice. Working together to better the world, one small step at a time.

  • Britney Spears Announces iPhone App







    Click here to Get Britney Spears iphone App.
    Click here to See  Britney Spears YouTube Playlist

     Britney Spears released an iPhone app on November 15, 2009, read app description and see app intro videos below…..

    See Video 1 of new Britney app – below

    See Video 2 of new Britney app – below

    See Video 3 of 10 Years of Britney 1999 – 2009 – below























    How to put your iPhone / iTouch’s iPod into sleep mode

    Many of you were wondering about iPhone/iTouch’s iPod does not has a sleep option, Even I was wondering too, But somehow I found the sleep option, which will automatically put iPod in a sleep mode. 

    Here are the steps to enable sleep mode for iPod:




    • Launch Clock app from your springboard.





    • Now tap on Timer icon.
    • Now set the Time, that is for after how much time you want your iPod to go in sleep mode.
    • After setting the timer, tap on list box where it says “When Timers Ends“.





    • Choose Sleep iPod option, and tap on set button.





    • Now you will redirected into Timer screen, Tap on Start button.





    • You timer will start and once it is done, it wil put your iDevice’s iPod into sleep mode.